7 Alarming Signs You Are Not Ready for a Relationship


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If you can relate to these signs, then the last thing you should be doing is seeking a new partner. In fact, you’ll need to urgently focus on yourself.

I suppose we are all too familiar with how it feels like to want, need, and even yearn to be in a relationship with ‘the one.’ And we are also very familiar with the confusion that comes with not having anyone in your life while all your peers seem to be either happily married or welcoming their first child.

This is all to say that you aren’t alone and you definitely shouldn’t rush yourself into something that you aren’t ready for yet, because otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your time and losing yourself to things that aren’t worth it, not to mention getting your heart broken.

You may have failed in the serious relationship department before, you’ve been single for a long time now, or you’re still recovering from a recent break-up. No matter what situation you’re in, there’s only one way to move forward: dealing with your discomfort or heartache on your own.

Ask yourself where your need to be in a relationship is coming from and whether it’s actually good for your overall wellbeing to feel that way. You have to make sure that your thoughts and behaviors aren’t a mere automatic tendency to take the socially constructed route of coupling up at a certain age.

If you choose to focus on yourself and think about this, you’ll probably find out that being in a relationship is the one thing you shouldn’t be doing.
Today, we’ll take you through the reasons why you aren’t ready to be in a relationship, yet!

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