6 Warning Signs Your Relationship Could Turn Violent

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Last Updated on February 4, 2021

When a relationship first starts, we seem to look at it through rose-colored glasses – sometimes, that’s what keeps us from seeing all the red flags. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a very common reality, and it’s so normalized sometimes that we can’t even perceive it as violence. Data provided by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence states that, on average, as much as 20 people suffer some form of abuse from their partner every minute in the United States. Women are the main victims in this reality, as it is estimated that 1 in every 4 women is likely to suffer from physical violence during their lives. But men can be victims too, and statistics show that 1 in 7 men will also experience physical perpetrated by their partner. These numbers get even scarier if we consider that there are people all around the world experiencing emotional abuse and others going through extremely violent situations with no possibility to report it.

1. What are the warning signs?

Abusive relationships and toxic partners do not come with a label, and at first, it can be hard to figure out who you are dealing with. Abusive people take their time building up trust and creating bonds until they know exactly how to engage in emotional manipulation, and that’s usually when the abuse begins. It’s always good to remember that it’s not the victim’s fault – it’s never the victim’s fault. For starters, it’s important to be aware of behaviors that make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, and talk to your partner about how you feel. A healthy relationship is based on open dialogue, and your partner should be receptive to your feelings and concerns. If, on the other hand, they seem to dismiss whatever you say and get defensive about it, this is already a red flag. Researchers have tried to determine which behaviors can easily become problematic in a relationship, concluding that the likelihood of violence in a relationship increases due to substance abuse – alcohol addiction or drug abuse can play a big role when it comes to domestic violence.
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