6 Early Signs Your Relationship is Doomed

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Last Updated on January 15, 2021

The beginning of a relationship is often a great time for both people; it’s the start of something new where both people feel excited and in love. This is the honeymoon phase where two people are so in love everything goes smoothly. This often lasts up to 6 months and then reality starts to kick in.  Suddenly, certain relationship problems start to arise! Maybe because they’re real problems that appear in your life, or maybe they were always there and you’ve just realized that.  In any case, the signs of a dying relationship tend to appear during the first year of the relationship.  Yes, a relationship can die at any moment, however, if you two were never meant to be, the relationship will give in before it even truly starts. So, are you in a bad relationship? Let’s find out…

6. Someone is still caught up in old relationships

Whenever there’s a feeling that you or your partner are still hung up on your exes then that’s a clear red flag that the relationship shouldn’t go forward anymore.  It’s wrong to begin a new chapter in life without finishing the previous one. Everyone has exes and previous experiences, but that doesn’t mean they should be on our mind after the breakup, and if they are, that means there’s still grief of this past relationship, and it’s not fair for the new person to deal with a partner that still thinks about or compares everything to their ex. If this is a problem, it’s best to take some time alone to resolve pending issues and then return to the relationship.

5. Not enough excitement

One of the most popular answers to the question “Why did your relationship end” has to do with the lack of excitement that is felt during the relationship. Like we said above, everything is exciting and beautiful in the beginning, but then this excitement drops because you already know everything there is to know about each other and the relationship can become quite monotonous.  Of course that in a successful relationship, the couple can get through this by implementing new activities or new hobbies, and if there’s true love, then the excitement never truly goes away, and there’s no such thing as a boring relationship.
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