10 Signs Your Partner Is Being More Toxic Than in Love!

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Last Updated on February 7, 2021

No two people experience love the same way, but unfortunately, many people go through toxic relationships without even being aware of it. Toxic traits are internalized as normal that we, as socialized humans, can have a hard time acknowledging them in ourselves and other people. When you are in a healthy relationship, you feel supported, encouraged, and uplifted by your partner. Of course, every relationship is different, but in any case, you are always supposed to feel happier than you would alone. Being with someone who doesn’t add anything to your life but, instead, actually takes away some of your happiness and peace of mind, is not a good thing. Ending toxic relationships can be hard – it will make you feel sad, uncomfortable, and it will make you want to look at things through rose-colored glasses because your brain will want to make excuses to keep being “comfortable.” But realizing that someone you love is toxic and holding them accountable is the least you can do for yourself and your well-being. We have put together a list of early signs of a bad relationship/toxic partner. Keep in mind that there are many types of unhealthy relationships, as well as different types of toxic partners. Abuse can be very subtle, and if you are in a toxic relationship, you should always reach out to the people closest to you or even seek professional help if you feel that you need to do so. Read to see if your partner is more toxic than in love with you!

1. Your partner depends on you for everything

Asking for help when needed is absolutely normal, but if the person you are with asks for your help to accomplish even the smallest task, you have a red flag right here. You should not have to raise your partner as if they were your child; after all, you are dating a capable adult that had a life before they met you. Do not let this codependency settle. Otherwise, it might become a permanent issue in your relationship.

2. They want to go everywhere you go and to everything you do

When you are going through the honeymoon phase, it’s normal to want to spend as much time with the person you love as possible. But having a needy partner that wants to be with you 24/7 can be borderline controlling and obsessive, don’t you agree? The healthy thing is for you two to have separate lives outside of your relationship and then, of course, share some moments together. But if you want your relationship to work out, you need to be able to set and respect boundaries.
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