10 Emotional Cheating Signs You Should Know

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Last Updated on January 29, 2021

The majority of people who google the question, “How to know if your partner is cheating,” often refer to a physical affair. People rarely think of emotional cheating as something real that can impact their relationship. But even though cheating is bad in all forms, isn’t it worse when it involves emotions? After all, emotions and feelings cause people to move on from one partner to the next. Many reasons can lead to emotional cheating in a relationship. But our main focus with this article will be to provide you with a list of signs your partner is cheating on you emotionally. But first, what is emotional cheating? Emotional cheating is the development of sexual and romantic feelings towards a person who is not your partner. While they might never actually get to cross the line and cheat, these feelings already cross the boundaries of a regular friendship. It’s important to engage in open communication, so you and your partner can better understand each other’s emotions. Preventing an unhealthy relationship is the first big step towards preventing any sort of cheating.

1. They prioritize their “special friend”

You seem to have been engaging in many fights lately, and the majority of these fights are always about a third person that is causing tension in your love life. Yet, whenever you fight, your partner seems to be more concerned about the other person’s wellbeing than your own. Also, no matter how many times you explain how this affects you, they will always try to brush it off. You might even get the blame in the end and be labeled as the jealous one who is causing all the trouble.

2. They won’t adjust their plans to be with you

They used to be so caring, wanting to be around you whenever they had the chance. But things have changed. Even when they have free time, they refuse to change their plans to spend quality time with you. It doesn’t matter if you invite them for something exciting or interesting – they don’t want to hang out, and they won’t give you a proper explanation.
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