This Is What Your Way Of Walking Says About Your Personality!



Walking doesn’t only burn calories but can also reveal your personality traits.

Similar to the way you sleep or your favorite color, the way your walk is a given; you don’t really think about how and why while doing it, you just start walking for the first time as a baby and then naturally keep it on.

It might also be genetic or learned through observation since many people walk almost the same way as one of their parents or close relatives.

Not to mention that it’s easy to tell the mood of a strange person walking down the street just by watching the way they move, for instance, a sad person walking won’t walk the same way when overjoyed, yet, their essential walking style remains the same.

In a 2017-study, researchers compared the walking speed and styles with the main personality traits, which include agreeableness, openness, neuroticism, extraversion, and conscientiousness, in addition to personality types, such as the corrector, the driver, and the supporter in order to analyze how the way we walk reflects our personality.

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