How To Stop Being Jealous And Controlling

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Last Updated on February 16, 2021

4. Love Yourself

You can’t know how not to be jealous if you don’t have confidence in yourself. Someone with low self-esteem will always suffer from trust issues and all types of insecurities. You don’t love yourself, so you start thinking that everyone’s better than you and that your partner will leave you for someone else. First of all, if your partner didn’t think you were beautiful and a fantastic person, they wouldn’t be with you, and secondly, if you’re self-conscious and you let everyone see it, you’re just allowing them to see you as this weak person that has no self-esteem. The key here is to accept yourself as you are so that your relationships can work, between you and your partner and your friends and family. If this is a difficult task, fake it until you make it. Try to come across as confident and assertive, it’s super attractive to others, and eventually, it will sink in.

5. Heal any past wounds

The best way on how to stop being jealous is to identify the roots of the problem. Why are you a jealous person in the first place? Were you in a toxic past-relationship? Did your parents divorce due to cheating and infidelity? There are so many aspects in our past that can indicate who we become in the present. A past cheating boyfriend plus a new relationship equals trust issues. It’s only normal that we bring our past wounds to the present, but it’s also important to understand that your current partner will not make the same mistakes your ex did. It’s key that you accept new people into your life with open arms and mind; it’s the only way you can truly enjoy all the positive things a relationship has to offer.

6. Remember to trust the person you’re with

Again, don’t assume the person you’re with will harm you like other people in your past. Allow them to show how they feel about you before you jump to any conclusions. A relationship is nothing without trust; besides, trying to control your partner’s life by checking their phones, stalking, or even manipulating them is problematic and can evolve into a toxic relationship. Instead of controlling them, control yourself, remember why you’re with this person, and focus on everything right instead of the few negative things that are not worth obsessing about.
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