6 Simple, Effective Ways To Achieve Happiness


Last Updated on May 24, 2018

“You look so beautiful, what is the secret?” I asked my grandmother.
“I don’t eat that McDonald’s thing” she laughed, “I don’t know what happens to you, people, but eating fruits can make you look pretty. I think it is what kept me alive to this age, they are making me stronger than you, I bet!”.

I actually agree with her, I notice how she is still able to walk up the stairs every day, fix her own room daily, and sometimes walk for more than an hour without hearing her complain. In conclusion, she is physically and mentally strong for a 91 years old woman.

However, she always eats healthy and she refuses to consume anything that doesn’t look healthy to her. Vegetables and fruits are necessary for her meals, even that she has only a few bites every day. “Eat fruits, darling! You will live longer” She said.


6Live in the Present

Live in the Present

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“Age is just a number!” we learned this sentence since we were young. Now, I finally started to understand the depth of it. Days do not wait, and the past is unchangeable. So, live your present, appreciate what you have, and enjoy it while you can.

As we grow older, it feels like time flies and we don’t have any chance to pause and realize what is going on. But, we actually can!

– Take only 15 minutes from your day, whether during your lunchtime or before you head to bed.

– Sit somewhere alone.

– Start remembering everything you are grateful for (your job, health, money, your family, etc).

– Say them out loud to yourself.

– Take a deep breath, and then you can continue your day.

Doing this once a day, or even once a week will improve your emotional intelligence and you will gain more power to handle time.

“I lost the love of my life years ago, your grandfather. But, I have you and your brother. That makes me glad.” She explained about being happy in the present.


  1. I’m 81 and having someone to love makes one happy, more than anything else. It may be your grandchildren, an animal, and of course your spouse, the one that makes you the happiest. I have a wonderful wife, a beautiful home, great friends and neighbours and most of all the Lord who is always with me. I am loved therefore I am Verry happy. What makes you happy?

    • How do you know “the lord is always with you Tom” ?

      • Avatar Sherine El-Hakim

        My name is Sherine. I’m Muslim Arabic woman. God is our creator, He’s always with us wherever we are. I always care about seeking how to obey and worship God, so he grant me satisfaction and this gives me happiness. I pray to him everyday and ask him all I wish for. He answers all my prayers with His grace. I’ll be always thankful to Him for granting me satisfaction and happiness and for all the things He gave me.

      • I wish you knew GOD. I have invited him into my life. I talk to him daily. He doesn’t take anything from my life, He just adds to it. Start talking to him. I started my conversations with him on my drive to work. Start small. Say thank you. The thing is, GOD knows.
        I wish you love, and much Happiness.

      • Cause he is always faith 😎😁😀

      • Just slow down and take a little time to relax! Seriously, turn off your electronics for a couple of hours. Take a walk, outside. Breathe.
        He good to yourself and those around you. Enjoy something you like.

      • \\o// Blessed are the pure in heart that they find happiness in natural things ! Nature is full of ‘God Creation’ – Be FAITHFUL to see the wonders of this world: “First you seek the Kingdom of God, everything will be added unto you”- May God bless us all +

    • Avatar Rodney Sizemore

      The Lord is always with me too Tom ! Praise God ! The person commenting next must be a sinner, because I know that you know because the Lord is there & we feel him, I feel for people who don’t !

    • Tom, you are a fortunate man…notice I didn’t say “lucky.” Why? Because, my personal belief, is that people who end up with your degree of happiness have obviously made some very good choices in life. In the big scheme of things it all boils down to the choices we make that determines the level of happiness we are able to achieve. So, it is invariably true, we make the bed we sleep in. For those of us (me included at 71) who aren’t completely satisfied with the bed we sleep in…do not despair. Keep praying if you pray and start praying if you don’t because in my personal experience I tend to make better choices when I feel God in my life.

      • Thank you for those words Mr. Dean, well said!

  2. “Simple” is right, but you forgot to add “predictable.” Did you guys get these 6 ways off the back of a church bulletin? How about a way to achieve happiness that includes creativity, like marry a younger guy who thinks that women, like fine wine, get better as they age and wants to hold your hand while you get botox injections?

    • Sounds like you are on the way to becoming a hater if someone doesn’t add what you think should be in their life. Don’t be a hater. How people choose to talk and walk with God on their own personal journey in life is fine. It is ok. No one should have to prove themselves to you or anyone else—-just be thankful you have folks around you who try their best to be kind, loving people who care about you, others, themselves and do the best that they can with what God gives to them. I actually get quite a bit off of the back of church bulletins that make sense to me and that should not in any way bother you or interrupt your life whatsoever. I will add you to my daily devotions and pray for your happiness. Many Blessings Juris!

  3. Being,in the World,makes me happy.

  4. Being with genuine and understanding friends and with grand-children makes me Happiest at Age 74.

  5. Having a woman companion who is joyful and loves to be held,squeezed n pleased—critical to a buoyant spirit. Ron

  6. \\o// Speak to God in our mind, then He’ll listen and will speak to us -[A promise He made +] Choose an area or spot where we can sit quietly and regularly… THANK Him for the answers we were given and seek fresh guidance – This will bring STRENGTH > COURAGE >> DETERMINATION… to fulfil our intentions – [May God bless us all ]

  7. Avatar Naushad Korimdun

    Wow are you guys/girls so close to God.

    U r surely joking.

    • No, not joking. I have always tried to live a good, honest, loving life, and I have a good relationship with God that helps me stay strong and maintain my faith. Whatever helps me get through life, nurse my patients and assist them while on hospice; with what I believe in and receive, I am thankful for. It shouldn’t matter to you or others, however, my walk with God while maintaining faith is good for ME, and considering the patience and love I give to those who are ill and dying, my faith is also good for THEM. I have seen much during the times of assisting people out of this world and into the next….those moments can be quite awesome, and we consider it an honor…..and I am NOT joking Sir.


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