13 Ways You’re Wasting Your Life But Won’t Admit It!

Last Updated on June 15, 2020

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In your day by day, we can get very bored! However, we mostly get used to it because we either think we can’t do anything about it or we just feel so used to it and so numb that we let go and move on doing the same old stuff.

We all work, or have to go to school or college, it’s a routine, and it’s a bit difficult to change it, but not impossible.

If this is your case, should you not worry! You are not alone! Fortunately, you still have your free time, and during that free time comes the place where you might need to make a few changes, so here are 13 signs you’re wasting your life.


1. Too Much Negativity

You might sometimes feel that everything goes wrong and in the opposite direction. You might start to doubt yourself or, even worse, compare yourself to others, which leads to depression, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and the list goes on.

However, what you need to keep in mind is that this is taking you nowhere. It’s time to stop self-doubt from consuming you, and learn to love yourself more, appreciate the person you are and believe in the person you will become.

You need to let go of all those negative emotions, negative energy, and negative talk. Life has more to it, full of new opportunities and happier moments, and enjoyment is out there.

2. No Future Plans

There’s something about making plans that give us a warm fuzzy feeling. It makes us hopeful and happy. We may not always be able to control whether it comes to fruition or not, but it’s important to plan one’s future.

Living in the moment can also be thrilling, but having goals and plans in life will only get you far, and chances are bigger that you’ll make it in life, so why don’t you try it?

3. Having Toxic Relationships

Some people are just holding you back or making you miserable, plain, and simple. So why sticking around? Being with someone you don’t want will only contribute to your unhappiness, and it can and will affect you long term if you don’t let go.

Also, there’s that person who has a very toxic behavior in life, towards you or even influencing it on you. We all need to watch out and make an assessment on if someone is making our life uneasy and miserable. If so, move on, don’t waste your life being with and around toxic people.

4. Too Much On The Phone

This is incredibly annoying and yes, having a phone these days can be vital for an emergency like situations.

But if you’re one of those people who are paying more attention to their phone instead of making new acquaintances and strengthening the bond with friends and family, then shame on you! In all seriousness, this is the type of behavior that needs changing.

Smartphone addiction is a serious thing these days, with people being less and less capable of making real-life connections with others, becoming more and more dial tone like people instead of enjoying the company of others.

You can start making smaller changes here, like leaving the phone away when you’re going to eat or well, not using it at all when you go out to supposedly enjoy your friend’s company.

5. Wasting Money

Money isn’t everything, but you still need it. Consumerism is a very bad habit most people have these days. They spend their money on things they don’t need instead of saving it for more important stuff, like health, kids college, or just maybe saving some for a rainier day, you never know.

It feels good to be able to buy new things and sure, it will give you momentary happiness, but that’s just it, it’s momentary, so why not stop wasting and start investing in your future self!

6. Not Sleeping Well

It’s just right for your health to have quality sleep. If you commonly have bad nights of sleep, you need to figure out quickly what it is that’s making you suffer every time you go to bed.

You also need to reassess some of your habits, especially if you’re allowing work or school-related stuff keeping yourself away from sleeping.

Sleeping late doesn’t equally make you the cool kid; it’s a terrible habit. If you can’t just stop watching that show, or just can’t resist the urge to catch another episode, think about it, tomorrow is a new day, and you’ll have plenty of time to do everything you want to, it’s all about planning things better sometimes.

7. Overeating Junk Food

Your health is never to be considered a waste of time. That would be letting yourself go with all that unhealthy food, which in the long term, will make your life more difficult.

And it’s not even that you should be a healthy food or gym freak, it’s nothing like that, but keeping a regular, balanced healthy diet can and will make you healthier, more energetic, and happier with yourself most importantly.

8. Lack of Exercise

It is crucial to eat healthily and exercise regularly. We are not saying that you should become a health freak, but we urge you to keep your health balanced by being more active and energetic.

The good thing here is that not only will you benefit your health and change your life, but you will also be projecting to others and yourself happiness and good old positive energy. Regular exercise will improve your quality of life; you’ll be feeling a lot better, more energized, lighter, and happy with yourself.

9. Living a Life You Don’t Like

What’s worse than feeling stuck to a life that is pure unhappiness? It’s not that easy to simply snap out of it and change things radically, but sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered.

People who live a constant unhappy life will probably never achieve their goals, their dreams, and never find success in life. Finding something that keeps you hanging into that ray of happiness can and will lead you to better things, you’ll be way closer to your goals.

Try and shake things up in your life; find that one thing that keeps you going every day with a smile on your face.

10. Not Doing Anything Different

First things first! Do not go out there and do something crazy. Second, it is quite hard to leave your comfort zone, doing about the same old stuff, keeping your routine intact, it feels like you’re better off sticking to it, but not really.

Shaking things up from time to time can be very pleasing for your mental health. It feels like a reboot or refresh on your mind that was just killing you all week, we all have been there.

11. Having Bad Habits

Let’s admit it, we all have them, some more, some less, but they are there. If you spend your days doing nothing beneficial, but playing video games all day long, surfing online, spending too much time on social networks, then yes, you are wasting your precious life.

Procrastination problems are more and more common these days, with too many distractions virtually or on TV, with less and less to do outdoors.

It’s almost impossible currently to cut from all of this, but we all can balance all of it better. Making such adjustments in your life will only make you enjoy more life itself.

12. Not Taking Care Of Yourself

Just like leading a healthy lifestyle, you need to take better care of your image. Your self-esteem is very important. If you don’t like yourself first, then be sure no one will?

It’s not like we’re telling you should be some sort of handsome fashion guru, no, it’s all about being a balanced person in every aspect of your life, with your image being one of them, it’s the very first impression you make with people, think about it.

Take care of your hygiene, be healthy, you’ll thank yourself, and will only be presenting yourself nicely to others.

13. Not Stimulating Your Mind Anymore

The error is to think you can’t or shouldn’t be in constant learning even after school or work. Keeping your mind busy, learning new things, finding more stuff you didn’t know about, learning new languages, or even playing strategy games can be very rich for your mental health.

Stimulating your mind is very important, you’ll grow as a person, expanding your mind in knowledge. Sometimes reading a nice book or watching good documentaries can be very fulfilling for you.

We all have bad habits in our lives, and we all make mistakes, sometimes we can’t help it, but we hope we helped you figure out what you might have been doing wrong with your life.

We only have one life to live. So try to enjoy it to the fullest. Finding happiness and success in life is what we all should be aiming for. What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to share with friends and family

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