10 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Live A Happy Life


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Happiness has many different meanings and interpretations. Each and every one of us sees it differently but we all chase it and we all believe that it’s like a virus that we need to catch to fully understand what it is and how it feels to be a happy person.

Surely, you are exhausted as happiness might sometimes seem unobtainable, mysterious, and inexplicable. Many questions might be hovering over your head making you have sleepless nights, a tired brain, and a restless soul.

No need to deny this because you are definitely not the only one. We have all without exceptions tried hard to find a definition for the word ‘’happiness’’, but unfortunately only a few were successful.

I must admit that I was once among those people. I had sleepless nights, I cried myself to sleep while trying to figure out the meaning of happiness.

I have wondered many times why things tend to work against our plans, and why the people we love leave us in the middle of the road, why not all of our dreams come true, and why we have to suffer when we should be happy instead.

And guess what? I realized that whether they are things or people, they come in and out of our lives for a reason and a very good one. I’ve also realized that life is simple and it’s always our choice to be happy or miserable. This might sound like nonsense but just think about it.

How many times you have believed that your happiness is, for example, one particular person, but then life surprised you with another crossing your path. You might have hated life at that particular moment and even wished you were dead but then you were so thankful for the gift you were blessed with.

Trust me, there is a hidden force that guides us through this journey and you just have to trust it to be happy. When things go wrong, don’t blame yourself or cry over what was not meant to stay in your life. What’s coming is much greater.

Learn to love what you have and appreciate the blessings you were given. Only this way, you will be able to live a happy life and find answers to your questions. Still, there are many things that you should stop doing now if you want a happy life.

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