8 Surprising Dream Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Last Updated on November 26, 2019


During the night, while your body is peacefully relaxing, your mind is taking you through an incredible journey. One you will most likely forget ten minutes after your alarm goes off, even when you try really hard to recall it.

Dreams can be a way for your subconscious to express itself. It has been the center of research for many psychoanalysts since Freud’s “The Interpretation of Dreams”.

In talks with your friends and family, you probably already realized that there are a handful of dreams whose general lines are pretty common and often shared between people, no matter how different they may be.

With that being said, there are some dream signs you shouldn’t ignore, as they can be your consciousness crying for help. You just don’t know what bothers you, or don’t understand… yet.


#1 – Teeth

Dreams in which teeth play a key role are almost certainly among the most common and are guaranteed to make you wake up startled. If you frequently dream about your teeth falling out, you might be either dealing with low self-esteem or feeling powerless in front of a recent event in your life.

Teeth represent a form of power, as they’re used to bite, tear and chew, and are of extreme importance for carnivores. Not only that, but they’re also essential for your appearance, as the lack of teeth is associated with neglecting basic hygiene habits.

When your subconscious constantly puts you in a situation where your teeth are falling out, it’s time to reflect about recent incidents in your life and reevaluate your attitude towards them, as you might be facing the fear of rejection, embarrassment, or feeling unattractive. Teeth are one of the dream symbols you should definitely never ever ignore.

#2 – Public nudity

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night feeling deeply ashamed, with a vague image of yourself without clothes on in a public place, in front of strangers? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

This is another typical dream, often connected to the fear of being exposed. Sometimes it can also mean that you’re uncertain about the reactions of an important decision you’re about to take, or that you’re being wrongly accused of something.

If the naked person is a friend or relative, then it could mean that you’re either worried about exposing that person, or that you completely lost your respect for them.

#3 – Death

Although in theory the appearance of death in your dreams may seem the worst possible nightmares and particularly baffling, it’s actually not that bad.

More often than not it just means that some chapter in your life is about to end. Which presupposes a change, making death a symbol that represents new beginnings. All your subconscious is trying to say is that changes can be scary.

#4 – Falling

Many people have experienced waking up to the feeling of falling. According to multiple psychotherapists, falling symbolizes insecurity and anxiety.

So, take a look at the bigger picture and try to determine which aspects of your life may be the root cause of your anxiety. If it’s something that you simply just can’t control, try some activities that can have an impact on your mental health such as yoga, meditation, or physical exercise.

#5 – Waterfalls

Waterfall symbolism can have multiple interpretations. The presence of water in dreams occurs as a clear visual representation of your state of mind. If you see a beautiful, pure waterfall, it is probably a sign that you’re facing positive emotional experiences in your life related to new beginnings.

Just sit back and enjoy the view. But in some cases, waterfalls appear as frightening and destructive. That’s because you might be facing scary new challenges in your life that you must overcome.

#6 – Being chased

This is one of the dreams that make people wake up both terrified and sweaty. And if you’re running away from someone in your dreams, you’re probably running away from something in your life.

It normally implies that you’re trying to avoid something, which is causing you stress and anxiety. Try to look behind you and remember what’s chasing you in your night dreams, as it could be a hint at what is really scaring you in your daily life.

#7 – Uncontrollable vehicle

You find yourself behind the wheel of a car, road ahead, and then suddenly you just can’t control the car anymore. Prolonged moments of panicking follow, as you desperately try to find a solution to avoid an imminent crash.

These types of dreams are commonly associated with going off track in your personal or professional life, as you might be losing focus on what’s really important for you.

#8 – Vivid dreams

Vivid dreams occur when you’re in a disorienting state, where it seems that you’re in between dreaming and reality. Your mind is traveling fast, but you’re aware that your muscles won’t move, no matter how hard you try. These are scary moments that can make your dreams feel cruelly real.

If you find yourself frequently experiencing vivid dreams, that means that something is deeply affecting your sleeping schedule. Known causes are low blood sugar, sleep deprivation and the use of drugs. Though somewhat implausible, some people believe that vivid dreams are the result of spirits contacting you in dreams.

These are some of the most frequent dream symbols and their meanings. Though the themes present in your dreams can be a way to access your inner self, and most likely can be seen as a form of metaphor that can be insightful to resolving some problems in your life, their interpretation can absolutely vary.

It is important to make a deep analysis of your current situation and figure out the meaning behind the visual representation of your subconscious is giving you during your dreams.

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