12 Life-Changing Items You Can Donate to a Women’s Shelter!

Last Updated on December 6, 2019


Women’s shelters tend to be filled with all kinds of heartbreaking stories from domestic violence. Although tragic, this topic is of huge importance.

Many battered women end up without shelter or resources to support themselves, and the situation gets worse when the woman is pregnant or already have children. This is why they seek refuge in a women’s shelter as a last resort.

A shelter for abused women is actually different than a homeless shelter. It offers consolation, refuge, and safety to women who need it most.

Even though women’s shelters receive funds from nonprofits and the government, they still need your help as well! A surprising amount of needed supplies come from small donations from regular people like me and you.

There are many simple items you have at home that can immensely change lives for the beautiful women in shelters around the world.


#1 – Feminine Hygiene Products

It’s impossible to imagine a period without feminine hygiene products, so many of us make sure to have extra pads, tampons, or party-liners available. But, believe it or not, many other women nationwide have no choice but to survive that time of the month without pads or tampons.

The feeling of sanitation and civility which these hygiene products can offer should actually be a fundamental human right. So, next time you’re shopping for such products, remember to pick up one extra box to donate to a women’s shelter.

#2 – Bras

Bras are a crucial piece of women’s clothing, and we tend to buy many of those for aesthetic reasons. Chances are, you have bras that you just don’t wear that often or don’t like wearing anymore; these can do better as donations instead of filling space in your drawer.

If you want to donate used bras, make sure they’re still in good shape and don’t forget to wash them thoroughly.

You should also note that some shelters don’t accept used bras (only brand new), so it’d be wise to check with your local women’s shelter before making the donation.

#3 – Cell Phones

Donating a cell phone you no longer want or use can be of great help to many women in shelters. For example, the shelter can activate your old cell for women to use as a callback number for emergencies or job interviews. Or, the device can be sold for money which can serve other necessities to the women’s shelter.

Anyways, it’s always a good idea to donate your unused devices to women in need.

#4 – Diapers and Wet Wipes

Many refugees in women’s shelters are moms or moms-to-be who are in urgent need of wet wipes and diapers for their little ones.

We all know how expensive such products can be as well as how necessary they are for babies’ hygiene.

Never hesitate to donate wet wipes and diapers, especially to shelters for pregnant women and mothers.

#5 – Books

Used books make such beneficial and valuable donations to women’s shelters, be it children’s books, classics, or scientific magazines.

Reading is essential and you can never underestimate the power of a book when it comes to making life a bit better. No one should deny the blessing of having an easily accessible small library.

#6 – Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Let’s be honest, we love makeup and beauty products so much that we end up having an unnecessary number of lipsticks, eye shadows, creams, lotions, etc. Sometimes, we barely use some of them.

If you have clean unwanted beauty products, google “women’s shelter near me” and donate them to help women feel the joy of wearing makeup and add some color into their lives. Just put yourself in her shoes and imagine how a simple hand cream or nice lipstick can make you feel better.

#7 – Transportation Passes

Donating bus or train passes to women’s shelters can help women move around the city more easily with very low chances of missing a job interview or an important appointment.
Also, a gas card can be helpful if you live somewhere with little public transportation.

Helping a woman get around means helping her get back up on her feet and be able to start a new life.

#8 – Women’s Wallets and Purses

Purses and wallets are important parts of a full outfit as well as they usually tend to represent a certain social status. Women in shelters might have wallets or purses but chances are they need an upgrade.

Having a proper purse or wallet can help a woman be successful in job interviews.

Donate one of your purses or/and wallets to your local women’s shelter, you may change a woman’s life.

#9 – Nail Polish & Manicure Materials

Although seemingly nonessential, nail polish has its own way of offering a confidence boost which comes from having a complete appearance. This becomes more important when a woman is going on interviews or hustling to get a job. One should at least have nicely trimmed nails.

Women’s shelters deeply appreciate nail polish and manicure materials because they understand how important they can be in improving a woman’s daily life.

#10 – Art Materials

If you don’t have unwanted art supplies, you can even donate papers and a simple set of watercolors.

A creative outlet can go a long way in making life less dull and depressing for women in shelters, especially that these women have had enough trauma and emotional instability.
Some colors on a paper can always offer joy and keep stress at bay.

#11 – Tickets to Something Fun

Women in shelters are obliged to use their little money very carefully, which keeps them and their children from having fun and enjoying many things that we tend to take for granted, such as going to the movies.

Your local women’s shelter would be happy to accept museum passes, concert tickets, or any similar donations that will help women go out and have fun every now and then.

#12 – Birthday Gifts

Who doesn’t appreciate a nice birthday gift! Especially if it’s out of the blue and at the most difficult times in life.

Donating nicely wrapped birthday gifts to women’s shelters can plant hope in deserted souls and help women in need feel the little joys of being alive and how it actually feels good to be alive.

It’s always comforting to feel that you’re not alone in this world.

Do you have any items you would love to donate? Or know of any other items that can help women in shelters? Feel free to tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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