10 Great Benefits Of Crying You Need To Know


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For some reason, most of us grew up on the idea of crying being the symbol of weakness, fragileness, and lack of “manhood”. This is not dedicated to men specifically, but to all people who believe that their tears will only make them look less strong than what they actually are.

Well, every time you stuff your heavy emotions within you, you ruin your health and you cause trouble for your body.

Okay, listen up: there is nothing wrong with crying over anger, heartache, stress, frustration, loss, or even happiness. It is a very natural reaction to such situations, and it is time to give permission to ourselves to let them out as much as our souls need to.

It is time to make some changes and let our bodies express whatever they need to freely and peacefully because, seriously, there is nothing wrong with crying, and in this society, only the strong ones can truly show them without any fear. Plus, they are the healthiest ones.

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