8 Best Ways to Stay Safe From Criminals on The Street

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It is undeniable that crime’s rates are rising. With the economic crisis and soaring prices, more and more people opt for crime life and Criminal law cases keep on piling up in courts. Businesses running self-defense products are more buoyant than ever, since personal defense products are for a lot of people a safety net against being assaulted on the street.

It is estimated that it takes only 7 seconds for a criminal to choose a potential victim. With experience, they assess the situation, possible scenarios, and the person walking toward them in such a short period; and based on this assessment, they make a move.

This happens without giving their victims the chance to pull out their personal self-defense devices and techniques. Moreover, they pay attention to certain details in people in order to choose the right victim for them.

In the 80ies, there was a study that addressed the very same topic we are talking about. Experts in psychology made a videotape of pedestrians in a busy street in New York. Then, the videos were shown to people with criminal records in assaulting other people who are unknown to them.

The criminals were then asked to point out potential victims of their crimes on a scale of 1 to 10. The data showed that criminals can run an analysis and determine the people that can be easily controlled.


1 Walking Fast


Walking fast draws the attention of everyone on the street, not just criminals. It could be considered a sign of nervousness and anxiety. Moreover, it shows that you are worried about something and not really conscious of your surroundings.

It is this kind of distraction that criminals prefer; a thief may bump into you or walk beside you and steal stuff from your pocket without you even being aware of it. That’s why it is recommended to walk at an average pace; or if you are in a hurry, don’t walk at a speed that can draw attention to you or make you bump into people.

2 Stride length


Another case in which you can be vulnerable to attacks is when you are limping. Limp is usually a sign of weakness, it means that you cannot walk fast enough to escape the criminal, and that you are walking slow enough for them to catch you.

There are even cases when people try to be careful and watch out from attacks that they end up drawing attention to themselves. Therefore, the criminals know that they are too stressed for self-defense, and thus think they are an easy target to control.

3 Ataxic walking


Bouncing from side to side and wiggling is another sign of insecurity. People with Ataxic gait are criminals’ favorites due to the amount of weakness they exhibit.

So, make sure you walk in a normal way with arms and legs movements in synchronization. Also, make sure that your gait is as smooth as possible. However, watch out from over-doing it. Sometimes, in an attempt to look normal we end up not looking normal at all.

Nervousness can make us perform even the simplest most instinct things in a terrible manner; such as walking. So make sure to remain calm in your walks.

4 Don’t be Sluggish


Certainly, our jobs sometimes leave us in a state of 0 energy. After spending a long time at work, we usually feel tired, exhausted and can’t wait to get back home and rest on our couches.

Usually, this feeling of tiredness is always exhibited by our bodies and facial expressions, even the way we move and the way we carry things indicate that we are at our lowest energy point. This could be very attractive to criminals.

They know that you are too tired to resist, or you are too out of focus that it’s going to be easy to steal your belongings without you being aware of it. Therefore, even if you feel fatigued try to exhibit some kind of strength; don’t act all “sluggishly” and let them know you are weak at the moment.

5 Slouching


Walking with a loosely dropping body, also known as slouching could be attractive to criminals. Criminals would think that you are a submissive person, that you are easy to dominate and forced to give up your belongings.

Try to avoid walking with a crooked back; instead, keep your chin up, maintain square shoulders, and make sure that your back is always straight. This way, you will be at less risk of assault and you will certainly not be perceived as an easy target. Thus, criminals will leave you alone because they will believe you can handle your Personal protection.

6 Free Hands

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Carrying many things at once always puts you at more risk of theft. People who bear holding many items in both hands are easy to steal from. The belongings that they are holding in their hands create the perfect distraction for thieves; hence, they will steal from their pockets just by pretending to bump into them.

Likewise, people who keep their hands in their pockets are at more risk of being assaulted. When you are walking on the street and putting your hands in your pockets, it means you are not in a good position for self-protection during the first instances of being assaulted.

It could be even worse when you are putting your hands in a tight pocket because it will be difficult to pull them out at the right time.

7 Maintain Eye Contact


Attacks could happen from any side of the street. That is why we included maintaining eye contact in our safety tips. Sometimes when we are walking we get distracted by our own ideas, and we start thinking about stuff and not paying attention to the road.

This is what makes us vulnerable and increase the risk of being assaulted. Criminals prefer you don’t see them coming so that they could be “effective” while delivering their first blows or even stealing stuff from you.

Even if you are carrying the best self-defense products, you won’t be able to use them at the right time. Moreover, self-protection devices won’t do you any good if you don’t maintain eye contact because the criminal might take it as a sign of weakness and shyness.

8 Headphones and Smartphones


If you cannot hear what’s going on around you, you are at a big risk of getting assaulted. A criminal may approach you from behind or from either sides without you hearing anything.

Some people may even talk to you and when you don’t hear them, they take it as a sign of disrespect and try to pick a fight with you. Smartphones are also other criminals’ attraction.

When you walk with your mobile phone in your hand switching between apps, you are showing criminals a juicy prize they can easily have. A thief may run toward you and steal your phone and run even faster that you can’t catch him or her.

Therefore, try to adjust the sound on your headphones so that you can still be able to hear what’s around you, and avoid using your smartphone when walking, except for emergencies.

Here are some additional “stay safe” security tips. For a start, women are in more danger than males when walking outside; therefore, ladies, make sure to be equipped with the best women’s self-defense products.

Self-defense products for women are getting more and more improved, and it is not a matter of where to buy self-defense products, it is a matter of when are you planning to do that.

There are many websites in which there is a variety of self-defense items for sale. In addition, don’t forget to learn self-defense techniques and check out safety apps such as “watch over me app”.

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