Here Are The Shocking Benefits Of Waking Up At 5:30 AM Every Day

We wouldn’t be talking about anything that could harm another human being or cause them any negative impact of any kind, and it is one of the reasons why we have decided to talk about this topic because the truth to be told, waking up every day at 5:30 AM will definitely change your life!

You could be an early bird and you still wouldn’t choose to wake at 5:30 am because, well, why would you? Right?

There are many benefits you could gain from waking up at such hour, some of them are not even visible, but it is guaranteed that you will earn the keys to a better health, fitness, success, and probably everything else that you could ask for… No kidding!

It could be challenging waking up every day that early, especially for night owls who technically fall asleep at that time. Plus, it is hard enough going to bed early in the first place, but once you understand the benefits, you will realize that it is completely worth it!



1Boosting your time


When you start waking up early every day, you will notice that you have plenty of time in your hands to spare, and that’s why we call it the secret to boost your time!

If you have a job that starts at 8 am or 9 am, then there is a chance that you don’t wake up till 11 am, which is fine. But if you compared yourself to those who wake up earlier than you, you will find that they have earned over 5 hours of their day. Do you know how many things you could be doing during those 5 hours?

Many CEOs have talked about the benefits of waking up at that time and described the outstanding results they have noticed in their careers. Steve Jobs is one of those who have used that time to work more at their projects, and Apple was (and still) a great success.
Trust us, it is extremely powerful to have a time boost!

2Fitness consistency


Almost everyone wants to get fit, have a better shape and a toned body that would make people look at and be jealous of.

Obviously, the only and best way to do it is by eating healthy and exercising, but how do you think waking up early would help?

You could already be trying to work out every day but you haven’t yet achieved your goals, allow us to ask you these questions: Are you in a place (physically!) where you really want to be?

Are you as lean, strong, or thin as you’d like to be? The majority will say no, and it is understandable because it is not easy to be consistent with your fitness goals, go to the gym on a daily basis and deal with your work/school and private life all at the same time.

The motivation could easily be drained and you would feel like doing nothing but watch Netflix, eat chips, and cuddle your pet.

When you start waking up at 5:30 am, you will have better chances of accomplishing all of your fitness goals because of the extra time boost that would give you the flexibility to exercise before you exhaust your brain at school or work.

The gym can be the first thing to do in the morning after preparing a healthy meal, you will have extra time to relax, to work on something, and then go to work/school. The easiest path to a fit body is by setting your alarm a few hours before your regular time!

3Creativity hours


Once the clock hit 10 pm, the majority of people wouldn’t be capable to have a functional brain that works at 100%, and that’s why they spend that time just chilling with their friends, playing video games. In general, those late hours are never spent productively, unlike the early hours of the day.

When you wake up at 5:30 am, your mind will be fresh and rested, which means the motivation tank will be completely full and ready to be juiced up!

You will have energy and ability to finish all of your complicated and difficult work, just make sure to shift your energy into the things that are really important, like long-term goals and dreams you have always wanted to achieve.

When you start waking up early, you will develop a new attitude towards living and you will stop procrastinating. Obviously, you are not going to wake up that early only to sit around, so take advantage of those creative hours and leave the late evenings for chilling and sleeping.

4The lone wolf


Did you notice that every time you try to do something there will always be something distracting you?

A good movie on your TV, a notification on your phone, a friend knocking your door, or just the wall that suddenly became very interesting, these are distractions that keeping us from working harder on our goals.

Of course, you are not going to get rid of your TV or cell phone in order to achieve your goals (although, that would help), but if you wake up at 5:30 am, there will be no one to distract you, text you, or any movie that will attract your attention.

In other words, the majority of distractions will be minimized, which gives you more time to focus on your goals and your train of thoughts that could bring a million dollars idea.

5Habit construction

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You have to understand that the world wasn’t created for people to follow one similar routine at the same time, and when you create a bad habit, then you are destructing your life.

For instance, you might be one of those people who enjoy having a morning jog, but you can’t find time in the morning during the week, and on weekends, you would be too drunk by the morning to even think of a run… That makes you inconsistent.

When you start waking up at 5:30 am, you will be having enough time to create good habits. You will be free to dedicate your time in the right way, like working on your business, on your exercises, your art, your writings, etc.

6The money grind


Humans can all be different in their own way, but they all meet at one specific point: they all want to make money!

So, what if we told you that waking up at 5:30 am will give you an opportunity to make lots of money?

Basically, people who earn their living are getting paid a salary or a wage by putting their energy and time at work; this applies to every single person who is being active in society.

You give up your time for the person you are working for in exchange for money, but let us tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way because there are many other philosophies.

You can create a stream of income based on a system that generates money automatically. Yes, we are talking about entrepreneurship! Nowadays, the internet has some of the most powerful business tools and there hundreds of ways where you can earn money online.

So for that extra time you have, you can work on creating a blog or a website like a YouTube channel or even an Instagram account.

You can do more research about this by looking for the field that you are most interested in, make the first step, and one day, you will not need to waste your time to earn money… Take advantage of your fresh, early mind, spare time, and use the motivation tank to create your own dreams!

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