This Is Why People Cheat According To Scientists!


1Lack Of Emotional Intimacy


Lack Of Emotional Intimacy
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The most common reason why people cheat is that of the lack of emotional intimacy. This might seem a bit surprising because the majority of people do believe in the popular stereotype that cheating is as a result of the lack of physical intimacy.

Gary Neuman, who is a marriage counselor, said on his famous book ‘’ The Truth About Cheating’’ that 47% of his male clients who cheated on their partners, confessed that the motive behind their cheating and unloyalty was because of the absence of emotional intimacy between them and their partners.

We are not trying to legitimize cheating here as no matter what was the motive, the cheaters are still wrong, unfaithful, and untrustworthy people!

However, what we are trying to show is that cheating is not always an escape to satisfy physical needs, but sometimes to satisfy those emotional needs that might be missing in the relationship.

While men don’t like to show their feelings, women think that men are emotionless and are not really in need for those heart to heart conversations and emotional support, the fact that makes the relationship gets weaker day after day.

2Influence Of Previous Experiences And Society

Influence Of Previous Experiences And Society

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Another scientific reason why people cheat on their beloved partners is the influence of experience and society. This might seem like Chinese again, but no worries, we will make it clear for you!

According to many studies and researchers, people who were in the past victims of cheating are more likely to be influenced by this bad experience and behave the same way with their future new partners.

Also, one anonymous poll expose that the influence of society can contribute immensely on this matter were more than 75% of males who have cheated on their partners were found to have friends who committed adultery and cheated on their wives too!






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