This Is How You Know He Is The One That Got Away


This Is How You Know He Is The One That Got Away©

We have met and loved some people who were perfect for us. We have experienced with them a lot of joy and created hundreds of thousands of incredible memories with them. But for some kind of unseen, uncontrollable, and unexpected circumstances, we lose them. At that moment, it doesn’t matter if it was someone’s fault or faith because after all, he is still the one that got away.

From that point on, we feel left out and scared, we want nothing but crawl inside our dark, broken heart and cry our blues away. However, we start questioning the whole relationship in order to move on, and that’s when we stumble over these questions: is he really the one that got away? Or is he just one of them those crazy psycho Exes?

Hoping you find your way out, here are some signs that will help you know if he is the one that got away




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