This is How You Are Killing Your Relationship


This is How You Are Killing Your Relationship©

Being in a relationship means you need to honor and respect your partner every single day. The thing is relationships don’t die overnight; there are many things you might be doing that are killing every little “feeling” at a time. Don’t wait till your partner leaves, be aware of the things that may drive them away right now.

The good news is, when you address a specific behavior, you earn the chance to revive your relationship and not be the reason for its death.

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1Being Too Demanding

Being Too Demanding


When you are in a relationship, you have to learn that receiving must be an action made completely by your partner’s own conscience, and they were not “forced” to give. Having too much of a good thing is not a healthy concept, especially if you are asking for too much communication and too much vulnerability.

When someone in the relationship feels forced and pressured to do a specific thing, they slowly feel “turned off” and start to distance themselves. In case you feel like your partner does not deliver your happiness, try to open up about it without forcing them to, create a safe environment for discussion and speak maturely about what is bothering you without any accusation.


2Spending So Much Time Together

Spending So Much Time Together

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We often witness some couples who look perfectly happy, but suddenly they break up. The reason is while they were connecting way too much, they forgot their essence and the sense of independence. Plus, spending too much time together may burn all the flame that was born between them when they fell in love.

We know that falling in love is great and you can’t get enough of each other and all these sweet feelings. But, keeping distance will keep the heat going on and you might just as well appreciate your partner a little bit more than usual and same goes for them. Give time to each other to create time for both of your hearts to grow fonder.





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