The Surprising Bitter Facts About Love


Truth is one of the scariest things that everybody tries their best to avoid. It is ugly and bitter, and because we like to see and hear only what we want, truth is not something to like. But for how long will you keep running?

Some day, you will have to stop and face the facts realistically. Let us start now and today with your love life.

So have you managed to find love; ‘the one and the only’ person with whom you will share your life for better and worse? They say that love will find a way to the heart, but not everyone is that patient to sit aside, Waiting for Godot.

The ‘love will find a way to you’ saying is probably the perfect, impeccable scenario that love novels promote for. Reality reflects a totally different definition of love. Being in a relationship or falling in love is not as really pictured in perfect Disney stories.

The truth is the love conception should not include something like ‘living happily ever after’ or sticking together for good. People are like seasons; they come by quickly and leave out of sudden quietly in pain. Probably, all these facts about being in love and falling in love confused you. But wait to see the untold about love.





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