The Most Important Do’s and Don’ts of Ending a Relationship


The Most Important Do’s and Don’ts of Ending a Relationship©

Breakups are always hard and painful, whether you are the one who is breaking up or the one who is being broken up with.

In order to finish a relationship with someone, you have to think long and hard about the consequences of this action that may permanently damage your feelings and your partner’s. Obviously, breakups are enough reason to be emotionally scarred, but the way you do it will also affect both of you tremendously.

So before you let loose to the bomb that will destroy your relationship, make sure to do it appropriately because first, you don’t want to deal with potential guilt and regret, and second, attempting a hurtful way will speak volumes about the character you have as an individual.

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1Don’t insist on being friends right away

Don’t insist on being friends right away

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While breaking up with your partner, don’t mention or insist on the possibility of being friends at all. It is actually the last thing that should occur to their minds when you are ending the relationship. In fact, being friends after the break up is already not a good idea.

You both have to avoid this thought completely because it will only cause more damage while all you need is to move on. Maybe you could bring this idea back later on down the line when both of your scars are healed. But for now, it is better if you don’t bother!


2Don’t mention another girl/guy

Don’t mention another girlguy

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Do not mention anyone else. We repeat: do NOT mention anyone else! Even if you already started dating or talking to someone, this subject must be eliminated completely from the breakup subject. It is important to be honest and true, but this one is not worth mentioning.

In case they insisted to know, attempt to change the subject or do anything that can help you avoid answering. Otherwise, they will end up jealous and more hurtful and you will be the unfaithful hurtful ex-gf/bf!





  1. I would have to say you are spot on with everything it’s too bad that more people don’t take the time to educate themselves about how things should be done properly & take others feelings into consideration! Very good article thank you for your insite! 😎


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