The Most Effective Steps That Will Save Your Marriage


Many people feel like their marriage is on the rocks, not knowing whether they should keep on fighting or just give up the person that they have been sharing their life with. But, if none of you want “out” yet, then there is still a big chance to save your marriage and bring the love and the passion back.

With a little hard work and dedication, your spouse will be yours again and “living happily ever after” can still be true. Plus, let us give you one more reason that will stop you from leaving: Divorce will destroy your finances, literally!

Going along with the divorce will make you regret the day you chose to leave instead of bringing back the love between you and your spouse. You don’t want to end up broke and alone, right? So we gathered for you 7 most Effective steps that will save your marriage (your money too!).

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1Figure out what is wrong

Figure out what is wrong


This is the first thing you must do before you make any further step because you can’t move forward without understanding what is holding you back. First of all, you have to accept that no one is perfect and every human is flawed, and these flaws may get in the way of a healthy relationship. So take a step back, and think hard about what went wrong.

There are many common issues that expose most married couples into fights and divorce, such as finances problems, infidelity, a sudden change in someone’s life (like the death of a loved one), lack of communication, and an undesirable intimate interaction. Once you figure out what went wrong, you can now understand where you can start fixing things.





You can wait for the perfect opportunity to get your spouse’s attention to open up and talk about the relationship and figure out how they feel.

You can wait until the weekend or just after dinner, create a safe space to ease the “opening up” part, you can show a little effort by making tea or coffee, and make sure you will both be completely alone, and in case you don’t know how to start the conversation, you can ask questions like “how do you feel about our relationship?”

During the conversation, secure your temper, avoid any words that may upset your spouse, and always count to three before you answer to give yourself time to think about what they said.
Also, make sure to not accuse him/her of anything, and instead of using the words ME or I, focus more on using WE.





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