The Best Questions To Text A Girl To Show Her That You Care


The Best Questions To Text A Girl To Show Her That You Care© Pexels

Showing a girl that you care and that you are romantically interested in her doesn’t mean you should play a song under her balcony and send her love letters, well not anymore.

Thankfully, with the ability to talk to anyone within seconds from a small device is one of the best advantages we have, and we should really use it for our benefit, especially relationships.

Anyway, girls won’t accept one simple “I like you!” from you in a text, they want to feel more special. Otherwise, they will think that you are just bored, trying to have a casual conversation.

So, as a girl, I am ready to tell you all the perfect ways to show the girl you like that you truly care, and those ways, my friend, is through questions and text messages, combine the two and enjoy watching her and yourself falling for each other.

However, don’t try to ask about her day or her health, she would think that you are texting only for a friendly chit-chat.

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