How To Let Your Actions Say ‘I Love You’ More Than Your Words


3Just Listen


Marriage counseling business is buoyant, and one of the reasons why this is taking place is because couples don’t listen to each other anymore. You need to make sure you ask your partner how his day was and be all ears to listen without interruptions.

Also, you need to make sure you validate how s/he feels in case something bad or upsetting happened to them, and don’t try to give advice.

In case your partner had an argument with her or his boss, your response should be something like: I understand, sometimes bosses could be the worst. You can even try some humor by suggesting you watch the movie ‘Horrible Bosses.’



Saving a marriage is all about compromising, so you need to learn how to do that. Many couples spend money on relationship therapy just because both of them are too proud to apologize. You should know that there is absolutely no shame in apologizing.

It is okay, you are a human and it is inevitable to make mistakes. And sometimes – whether intentionally or unintentionally- we mess up, and we need to apologize for it. You should make sure that you apologize in a way that shows respect and sincerity.

Assume responsibility for your mistakes and your partner will see how much you appreciate them him or her And then end it with an irresistible: can you forgive me?



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