How To Let Your Actions Say ‘I Love You’ More Than Your Words


1Give Your Partner Time

©KCI Kutno

The first thing that can make you avoid opting for relationship counseling is giving your partner your full focus. Take time to step away from your smartphone and give him or her your attention.

This doesn’t mean you should have a night of Marvel Avengers movie collection together or play internet games. You need to make sure that all your electronic devices are put away and that you will just talk to each other.

Hold hands and go for walks, put your arms around them and enjoy a quiet evening on the couch; just make sure you are their soul and mind.

2Set Reminders

©Tricky Truths

Many couples seek relationship counselling advice because they are too busy for each other. I understand you are busy and the modern life leaves you no time to take a breath; however, that shouldn’t make you forget about one of the most important people in your life.

In order to solve this problem, you can take time out of your schedule and set reminders for couples’ time. Find a date and time that will suit you both and make sure it goes great. True, this is far from being romantic and spontaneous, but it is better to save your marriage this way than to let it fade away.



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