Here Is Why Cuddling Is Great For Your Own Sake


1Feeling happier


Who has ever expected to have cuddling as one of the essential rules for a happy marriage? This is might sound like a baseless argument, but it is scientifically proved by specialists.

Cuddling triggers the production of a hormone called oxytocin which optimizes childbirth, breastfeeding, and feeling of happiness. With the help of this hormone, you can totally forget about your source of pain and contribute to finding happiness again.

The hormone can be activated through having human contact through cuddling. Additionally, it is believed that the virtual interaction with others on Facebook, Instagram or any other social network increases the hormone. See how a simple deed as cuddling can be one of the main components of the art of happiness?

2Immunity boosted

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Many of us think immediately of getting medical assistance or a med from the pharmacy once we feel any sort of pain. This is normal and a must in some situations, but sometimes, we can avoid the whole mess since the very beginning.

For instance, instead of taking immunity shots or immune booster supplements, all that you need is an honest, humane cuddle or hug which is convenient to boost and strengthen your weak immune system.

The Sage Journals published a study which examined the cases of people, physically healthy, exposed to a cold virus; the study’s subjects who were cuddled or received hugs managed to monitor the cold. The physical human contact they had with others strengthened their immunity to prevent infections.



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