Here Is Why Cuddling Is Great For Your Own Sake

Last Updated on July 5, 2019

It goes without saying that what is in your mind affects your heart and vice versa. This natural exchange of influence is triggered by outside and inside factors. Naturally, when you are mentally stable and well, you are physically healthy.

After all, human physiology and psychology alike are two sides of one coin, which is the human entity. Any change that your mind experiences is going to necessarily impact your physiological organs; your body.

This means that if your mind is experiencing trauma, your body will be in a crisis too. Let us study the example of cuddling. It is, of course, a physiological behavior with both physical and mental effects.

Unlike men, women feel comfortable when being cuddled. This is a simple action that makes them feel safe and secure. This has been proved by psychological studies and theories. In fact, cuddling can help maintain a relationship.

It reflects your partner’s care, love, and respect. In addition to the psychological effects of cuddling, the latter can leave a demonstrable impact on your body that will be unveiled in the present article.



1Feeling happier


Who has ever expected to have cuddling as one of the essential rules for a happy marriage? This is might sound like a baseless argument, but it is scientifically proved by specialists.

Cuddling triggers the production of a hormone called oxytocin which optimizes childbirth, breastfeeding, and feeling of happiness. With the help of this hormone, you can totally forget about your source of pain and contribute to finding happiness again.

The hormone can be activated through having human contact through cuddling. Additionally, it is believed that the virtual interaction with others on Facebook, Instagram or any other social network increases the hormone. See how a simple deed as cuddling can be one of the main components of the art of happiness?

2Immunity boosted

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Many of us think immediately of getting medical assistance or a med from the pharmacy once we feel any sort of pain. This is normal and a must in some situations, but sometimes, we can avoid the whole mess since the very beginning.

For instance, instead of taking immunity shots or immune booster supplements, all that you need is an honest, humane cuddle or hug which is convenient to boost and strengthen your weak immune system.

The Sage Journals published a study which examined the cases of people, physically healthy, exposed to a cold virus; the study’s subjects who were cuddled or received hugs managed to monitor the cold. The physical human contact they had with others strengthened their immunity to prevent infections.

3Anxiety and stress reduced

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Cuddling unearths very often the genuine and pure definition of love. This makes you feel both mentally and physically at ease. It builds strong grounds on which meaningful relationships can be based. This is not something like happiness hypothesis; it is a truth.

Moreover, cuddling seems to work as an excellent anxiety relief therapy. In the US, thousands of people are yearly diagnosed with anxiety.

The Sage Journals released a study, which could be described as wild, about 16 women underwent a unique experience of being exposed to an electric shock, meantime, they would be holding the hands of either their partners or total strangers.

The results revealed that the ladies who were accompanied by their partners experienced less stress in comparison to those who held hands with strangers. If stress can be monitored by merely holding hands, imagine what the result can be if cuddling is involved.

This behavior activates oxytocin, which is a happiness hormone, that contributes to lessening anxiety. Hence, you don’t have to spend your money to receive therapy in anxiety treatment centers anymore.

4Blood pressure is lowered


How do you manage to qualify or evaluate meaningful relationships? A complicated question, but it might be just to claim that the amount of love and care partners exhibit for each other can be used as a measure to evaluate relationships.

Cuddling can be one of the translations of love and care. It can free your soul from all sorts of psychological pains. In addition to this, your internal organs will be impacted. Let us take a look at your blood pressure.

Patients diagnosed with this medical condition are usually advised to watch their diet and weight, take meds, keep always a high blood pressure machine close, and exercise more.

This condition is quite serious for it can block the access of blood and oxygen to your heart as a result of hardened arteries. With time, the issue of hypertension can lead to other serious and chronic diseases, namely heart, kidney and neurotic diseases.

Why would go through all this if the preventive procedure is as simple as cuddling? Yes, cuddling can lower and keep your blood pressure under control.

5Heart rate lowered


Sometimes, some of the most troublesome health issues that we face have very simple solutions that we don’t even expect or consider. If cuddling can reduce hypertension, what can it do to your heart rate? Cuddling proved to be an effective and continuous heart rate monitor.

The physical interaction between two persons when being engaged in stressful situations or having stressful conversations which are known to cause high heart rate and blood pressure can contribute to giving rise to feelings of comfort and ease.

Hence, both blood pressure and heart rate levels will decrease. US Today released a proving study conducted by North Carolina University’s School of Medicine.

6Pain relieved


What do you remember the most from your childhood? Do you still remember the many times you fell in the backyard while playing, jumping or riding your bike? What was it that drove the pain away? Of course, your mummy’s hug was all it takes to relieve the pain.

This might have been perceived at the time as a sort of trick, but it turns out to be a scientific fact. When having physical contact with someone you love, through cuddling or hugging, the moral molecule, oxytocin, is released.

The experts at the Max Planck Institute For Medical Research proved that the cuddle hormones can speed up the healing of your bruises and reduce the pain. The cells in your spinal cord are stimulated by oxytocin, resulting in natural pain relief.

7When there is no one partner to cuddle, what would you do?


It is true that throughout this article, the focus was mainly laid on the case of people with partners; hence speaking of cuddling as a contributing factor to building serious relationships and considering it as the key to a happy marriage.

But if you have no partner to hug you, What would you do? Few years ago, precisely in 2014, there was a special app released called Cuddlr. It was designed to solve this issue of people with no partners and in need of cuddling.

The founders said they discussed the idea of launching the app in question as a sort of joke, but it turned to be quite serious.

The founders felt the need to introduce cuddling as a humane and cultural act which is needed in a community that is becoming cold-blooded. Back in 2015, Cuddlr signed out of play store; meaning shut down.

8Cuddling your dog

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The truth is that you don’t have to have a partner to be able to cuddle. You can cuddle yourself, your pillow or even your Plummer terrier.

There are plenty of positive attitude books that shed light on the importance of appreciating your own existence and being an independent person, who can provide love and care for himself or herself. This will increase your self-esteem too.

Your dog can be a much loyal life buddy, who shares with you everything and anything. Dogs know neither cheating nor betraying, and they love licking and hugging their partners more importantly. Cuddling your dog will also spike your oxytocin levels.

Perhaps, reading love novels might give rise to the ‘pink’ idea of having someone with whom you can share your life. But believe or not, new romance novels, in particular, are just fantasies, written to make more financial profit.

Remember that the simplest things are also the greatest one, even if such a thing is as simple as cuddling!

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