Here Are The Most Obvious Signs You Will Be Happier Single


1You can’t stop checking texts and emails of your partner

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Cheating and lying are the most common trust issues that couples struggle with, but the way they both communicate about them is what determines future relationships.

Basically, if you can talk to your partner about this issue and you feel comfortable after, then you will be building trust. But if your partner is not being honest or open, making you feel like the issue is coming from you instead, then that’s a red flag.

In case you both have decided to ignore the issue, but you still secretly checking in on what he/she is doing, then the issue is not yet to be resolved and you will definitely be happier on your own.

2All of your time and energy are being put into your career


If you enjoy working late and on weekends, while your partner prefers to have more time off, then the latter will feel neglected and you will be feeling guilty constantly.

Of course, your career is important and it deserves to have most of your time, but it is a must to create a balance between your personal life and your work. If you can’t, then it is best if you stay single.

However, don’t let this be the main reason why you leave the relationship. First, you need to work together on setting guidelines and expectations, but if one of you refuses to compromise, then you will definitely be happier on your own.



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