9 Of The Best Tips To Make Your Long-Term Marriage Healthier And Happier!


1Remind your spouse that you appreciate them


After you have been married for many years, you have noticed that your partner’s passionate kiss after you walk in the door has turned into a peck on the cheek because they would be too busy working on their computer.

It is easy to start getting used to each other and settle for a “comfortable” routine that leads to a boring life where excitement can be found only with others. In fact, many studies have found that the majority of men who cheated were driven by emotional dissatisfaction.

So keep in mind that you need to remind your partner how much you appreciate them every now and then. Make sure you are connected and appreciated by each other in order not to fall for the lustful eyes of strangers walking your way.

2Thank them for big and little things


As days go by, your life together could turn into challenges and calculations that are too childish to build a strong relationship. For example, you noticed that you have cleaned the kids’ closet, so he/she needs to clean the basement.

You took out the trash last time, so he/she needs to do it this time. You invited him/her to bed last time, now it’s his/her turn to do so, etc.

All of these realizations will lead your relationship to be built on rules and laws that no one enjoys following.

So instead, you should pay attention to the good things he/she has been doing around the house and with you, and then, thanking them for all of that with a kiss. Soon, they will get the hint and start doing the same, just don’t ask for it!



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