8 Clear-Cut Signs Your Husband Is Not Worth Your Trust


8 Clear-Cut Signs Your Husband Is Not Worth Your Trust© Pinterest

Once, my mother told me that if you don’t have trust, you have nothing, whether you are in a brand new relationship or a long-term one. Trust is like the wheels of your vehicle. You may have everything, but you are not going anywhere!

There will come a point when things will slowly start to slip away, you may start noticing or feeling something that doesn’t seem right. But your heart and soul are devoted to the man you chose to have as your family.

However, being the smart woman you are, you will not let doubts ruin what you have, and not let reality ruin you at the same time. So you put your trust in the biggest test because we have all learned that some people are just not worth your truth, no matter how long you have been together.

One way to tell if your man is playing with his tail is by paying attention the signs mentioned in this article, if he is guilty of more than 3, then you may rethink this whole deal. But please, don’t jump to conclusions. Trust your instinct and take action accordingly!

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  1. Tried to find the 8 Clear-Cut Signs Your ` WIFE ` Is Not Worth Your Trust,
    ` Surprisingly ` it does not seem to exist ?
    But being a man I am obviously wrong so could a lady please post a link ?

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