7 Bright Feelings That Will Strike You When You Meet the One


7 Bright Feelings That Will Strike You When You Meet the One© Pinterest

Since the day we start our journey of dating, we kind of become obsessed to find our soulmates. Some people believe there is only one, others believe that we can have multiple during our lifetime.

In any case, having a soulmate is something AWESOME, it gives you an opportunity to live a unique experience of being best friends with the funniest, hottest, and smartest person you know.

When I met my current Fiancé, I wasn’t sure I want to be in a relationship again, I wasn’t even sure that love exists anymore due to the horrible relationships I had before. But then, magic happened and here I am, can’t imagine living without him.

We felt a special connection since day one, and that’s how I knew that soulmates are a real thing, and also, magic is not a myth.

It is a fact that “when you know, you know”. But, being the stubborn generation we are, we need guidance to be sure that we might have just found the one.

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  1. our soul mate is the one we will have all our lives
    our soul
    ain’t it good that we got a friend
    don’t let anyone take your soul 🙂

  2. To me, a soul mate is something really-really solid. A dream mate is something that ‘gets-the-ball-rolling’ meaning … reference to that 60’s rumba song phase: ‘the fundamental loneness is gone when two can dream-a-dream together. Thank you for drawing me to express this well-kept thought.

  3. My feelings are that even though we were unable to make it permanent (for various and sundry reasons) the friendship has remained stable, at least for sure on my part. My FRIEND remains a good friend and will probably stay that way. She knows me and knows my comments are not KILLERS as she used to think they were. Friendship continues to be very important although we don’t email as much and don’t “go out” nearly as much as we used to (DISTANCE and WORK slow things down) but Friendship, Deep Friendship remains present. Due to circumstances jealousy (which used to raise its ugly head) has mostly disappeared from our relationship, she still is my SOUL MATE and has been since January, 1998. At least on my part, for sure. She can email me, I do not expect an answer on here.


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