6 Reasons Why Your Relationship Is Failing


1Lack Of Trust


One of the reasons why many couples don’t enjoy a happy marriage is lack of trust. The best relationship advice anyone can give you is that you need to trust your partner and receive trust back. It is the worst feeling in the world to feel untrusted, and to feel that you are always under the radar.

There are many partners who scrutinize each other’s behaviors looking for the slightest opportunity to catch each other. When partners constantly search each other’s smartphones and computers –or even follow each other outside- then, they definitely need marriage counseling professionals before it is too late.

2Different Expectations


The best definition of marriage is that it is a union between two people who love each other and who will support each other through the best and the worst. However, sometimes bad marriages can take place when a great part of the marriage definition is absent.

It is normal to have some expectations from your partner, you would expect them to support you with your career choices, the dreams that you want to achieve, and even your dressing style.

However, when these expectations exceed what is normal, then making marriage work can become impossible. For instance, when you are expecting your partner to change their personality, lifestyle, and wardrobe to fit you, then Houston, we have a problem!!



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