12 Simple Things You Should Say To Have A Happy Marriage


1Good Morning/Night


If you are asking what is the key to a happy marriage? Well, maybe the key lies in simple greetings. How about making it a habit to begin your day with greeting your partner?

When you see them in the morning, smile and say things like good morning sunshine, what a beautiful morning but you are more beautiful, or Good morning, Sleeping Beauty!

The same thing goes for your night. When you are about to go to dreamland, a simple good night can make your partner’s night, and have them sleep in a good mood.

2How Was Your Day?


Many couples seek out marriage relationship counseling because one of them thinks that the other doesn’t care about him or her anymore. This is why one of the best ways to keep a marriage problems-free is to show interest and give attention.

When your partner is coming home after a tedious day at work or school, they would like to have a shoulder to lean on. So, when you greet them with a smile and a how was your day?

That would make them feel like home and give them comfort. This way, you’ll know if they need your support, or they simply need someone to listen to them.



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