10 Strong Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People!



Have you ever met someone and felt instant sparks? Are you thinking about that special someone right now (and all the time)? Somehow your intuition is saying the other person feels the same way? Well, I have good news for you: that’s exactly what happens when there’s unexplained chemistry between two people.

It doesn’t really matter if you just met this person, if you’re dating this person or if you already married to them. Chemistry is something you’ll feel forever when you are with the right person. If you’re wondering how to know if you have chemistry with this person.

#1 – Captivation

Hello? Who is this person and why can’t I stop staring at them? It’s like you feel connected to each other without any reason. Even if you don’t know each other that well, you still feel intrigued and curious to know more about the person.

If you eventually get mad or in a fight it’s like you can’t stop seeing them or talking to them, cause they’re constantly on your mind and you feel so many positive feelings for this person that the negative ones don’t even matter.

You might even feel something I’ll call “instant chemistry between two people” on the first date. When you feel that way it can also be a sign two people are in love. And love, at first sight, can happen! You just haven’t probably experienced it yet.

#2 – Butterflies

Is feeling butterflies in your stomach a real thing? Well, scientifically it means you’re just nervous but if you’re a hopeless romantic like me, you’ll believe that when you feel that tingly feeling, or that spark inside you ( whatever you want to call it) it means that you are completely crushin’ on this person.

You may like a lot of people, but you just know you don’t feel those “butterflies” with all of them. That’s how you know you have someone special in your life.

#3 – Smiling all the time

A smile can be a sign that two people like each other. But with this person, you take smiling to the extreme. You’re just smiling and giggling nonstop and you know you look ridiculous, but you just can’t avoid it!

Everything the other person says or the way they act it’s just so wholesome to you that you can’t stop smiling when you look at them or talk to them. Even a simple “goodnight” text makes your heart skip a beat. It’s like you smile with your heart and your soul, not just your face 🙂

#4 – Body language

There’s a big list of body language that you can pick on from someone else if they can’t stop moving it probably means they are nervous, if they cross their arms it means they are less likely to be open to interactions with someone else.

If they flush, lean towards you, lick/bite their lips, play with their hair (or yours) you just know: this person is into you.

But it’s more than that, it’s about speaking the same language. When you feel like you found your soulmate, everything you do or say is well received and reciprocated by the other person in a magical way.

It’s not about having things in common, it’s when you two just connect with each other on a deeper level. Like puzzle pieces.

You feel this love language that you have with one another, you can complete each other’s sentences or just guess what’s going to be the other person’s next move. You truly know the essence of each other and it’s a beautiful thing to experience when you’re together.

#5 – The eyes never lie

As Al Pacino said in Scarface «The eyes chico, they never lie». You can really see the soul of the person through their eyes. You might experience these intense eye contact moments that could last a lifetime (a strong sign of emotional chemistry)

You feel like you’ve known each other forever and you don’t even have to say anything. Just by looking into their eyes you just know that the feeling is mutual, and you can literally feel something that’s not palpable: love.

#6 – Losing track of time

Wait it’s already 1 am? Did we spend the last 5 hours together? Wow, it felt like 10 minutes.

If only this could happen at school or work right? But no, unfortunately, you only lose track of time when you’re really concentrated on something or someone.

You’re just in heaven when you are with this person, the conversations are intriguing, the connection is there, time just flies when you’re together and at the end, it breaks your heart when it’s time to say goodbye. This leads us to the next sign!

#7 – Anticipation

When are we going to be together again? The current date isn’t even over and you’re already missing the other person so much and thinking about the next time you’re going to be together. And guess what?

You’ll keep thinking about it until you see them again and when you do it’s like you become this 13-year-old girl that’s just too excited about her new doll. But that’s just the extreme happiness you feel when you’re about to meet your favorite person.

#8 – True chemistry comes from pheromones

It’s time to put some scientific facts on this list, and there is also a scientific explanation of why chemistry occurs! Pheromones are like hormones outside the body. Meaning: our body produces certain odors that are too faint to be noticed, but the other person considers them super attractive.

Sometimes don’t you get angry when you spend a lot of money on perfume and then you can’t even smell it on yourself during the day? Or you can in the beginning and then it just fades, but some people that walk by you or greet you say you smell good?

That’s what happens with pheromones. You can’t smell it but the others can. And just like perfume, you can recognize different smells among thousands of people.

#9 – Desire

What causes attraction between two people? When you feel drawn and attracted to someone in every sense, it also means physically.

It’s like you constantly want to relieve this desire and when you finally do it just feels so intense and so amazing. The best part is: It won’t go away. When the chemistry is strong it will always feel just as exciting and new as the first time.

But don’t forget, it’s not just about the body, it’s about the mind and soul. That’s what makes a true loving connection.

#10 – It’s a feeling!

At the end of the day, you know deep within yourself if there’s chemistry or not. It’s a feeling you have when you are with this person. You connected in a way you never thought possible, it’s all so exciting and new, you have never experienced this with anyone else.

The conversation flows naturally, you feel the attraction and you just think to yourself “this is it”, we have so much mutual chemistry this person might just be the one.

Ultimately, you don’t have to keep asking yourself: “Do we have chemistry?” You must trust your intuition, cause it’s never wrong.



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