10 Must-Avoid Behaviors That Destroy Your Relationship!



Sometimes it’s nobody’s fault, sometimes it is. All I can say is there are different behaviors that ruin a relationship that you might be doing and you’re not aware of. So keep reading to know how not to ruin a relationship.

Whether you just got into a new relationship and you don’t want to mess it up or you’re feeling like your current relationship is not going so well you should totally check this list of the top 10 things that can destroy a relationship:

#1 – Having no other interests

Now I know you can totally be in love with this person, but trust me, they can’t be your only focus on life. It’s not healthy or attractive when you only have this person as your only and greatest interest. Some people might like that (the over-controlling ones that you should avoid at all cost).

Everyone likes to be with someone that has other interests than them because it means this person has dreams and ambitions and that can be a real turn-on for a lot of people. If you demonstrate that they are your only interest they might get a little creeped out!

#2 – Lack of affection

The best thing or one of the best things about being in a relationship is the constant cuddles and love that you give and receive. It’s a form of expressing how much you like or love someone.

And even the ones that say they don’t like a lot of affection, they’re lying. Everyone enjoys feeling loved and held. That’s why when you don’t show affection or even worse when you show less and less affection over time it gives the impression that you just don’t love the other person as much and it might cause another bad relationship behavior:

#3 – Insecurity

Insecurity can be interpreted in many ways. 1st is not liking yourself, there are many people that search validation from someone else so they can like themselves. You should always love yourself first because the other person will find it much easier to love you when you already do.

The 2nd way we can interpret this is related to jealousy and fear, if you’re with someone just know they are with you cause they want you, even if they have a hotter friend (in your opinion) they must think you’re way hotter, prettier and just overall a better person because they are with you!

The last interpretation is related to the topic above. It’s when you feel less secure in your relationship.

This can happen gradually over time or in the beginning when you’re not sure where you guys stand that can cause a lot of insecurity, or if the other person stops giving you that good morning kiss after 4 months together you might think something’s wrong.

Most of the time, it’s all in your head. The key to battle insecurity is confidence. Be confident in yourself and in your relationship and you’ll notice a huge change in your dynamic as a couple.

#4 – Dishonesty

Sometimes we lie because we think we’re protecting the other person. What we’re doing is creating secrets. You should be able to be 100% honest and vulnerable with your current partner. Even if you think it’s something that’s going to hurt the other person, it can also be something that will bring you closer to them. Even if the consequences are terrible, telling the truth about how you feel or about something that might have happened is always the best option.

#5 – Financial Incompatibility

This is actually a pretty big relationship breaker. Money is the leading cause of stress in relationships, and it’s not the lack of it but the spending habits of each person.

The chances are if you don’t think the same way about money and don’t share similar spending habits you won’t last as a couple. Unless it’s a sugar daddy relationship, money is a pretty sensitive topic and differences in money management between two partners can ruin a relationship.

#6 – Criticism

This one can really turn into a disrespectful relationship behavior. Some of us are more judgmental than others, and although criticism is good when it’s good criticism (the one that helps you grow) there’s also the bad criticism, the one that’s always putting you down.

When you like someone you want to support their dreams and goals in life, and even if they fail or do something wrong, your job is not only to point out the flaws but also recognize what they did good and be there for them no matter what, always by their side.

So when you turn to be this constant judgmental person it can really make the other person feel like crap and start thinking of you in a negative way.

#7 – Acting Single

This is something that if you feel the need to do, is because you should be single. I’m not saying this in a bad way but when you’re in love with someone you just don’t think about other people, you’re completely devoted and you would hate to do something that might hurt them.

So if you feel the need to flirt with someone else, or if you’re bored of the same person, just break up and live your life to the fullest. You only have one and you shouldn’t live in chains if you don’t want to. On the other hand, if you’re feeling indecisive you can always suggest an open relationship.

#8 – No communication

How to perfectly ruin a good relationship? Just keep everything to yourself. I don’t care if you just started your relationship and you don’t want to sound annoying or if you just feel like it’s better to not share how you feel with the other person.

Trust me, the other person deserves to know every doubt, feeling or struggle you’re going through. Also if they love you they would want to know what’s on your mind 24/7 especially if it’s about them.

Communication might sound scary but it’s what saves a lot of relationships. Couples that know and aren’t afraid of communication last longer. Trust me, if you get everything out of your chest you’ll feel relieved and happier.

#9 – Lack of passion

Passion is what keeps everything going. Sometimes you look at the most random couple and you wonder: why are they together? They don’t have anything in common. Well, passion is all you need to keep a relationship going.

Even in the bad days, if you feel drawn to the other person you’ll just end up making out after every fight. I’m not saying it’s healthy but passion does have a big impact on relationships.

You might feel love, but passion is literally not being able to keep your hands off each other. It’s the attraction and constant need of touch and being touched by this person in particular that keeps the spark going.

#10 – Giving up

Sometimes relationships end because someone gives up on the relationship or the other person. I’m not saying you shouldn’t give up on a relationship you know it’s bad for you or toxic.

However difficulties and hard times are part of every relationship, and love really is stronger than any negative aspect you might have gone through with your partner. So as long you share a deep love for each other there is no reason to give up on that.

Love is hard to find if you truly think you have it in front of you, hold on to it!

So now that you know what destroys most relationships you should try to avoid these behaviors and just enjoy your relationship to the fullest and remember to look at the bright side of things in every circumstance.



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