Why Bearded Men Are The Most Attractive Dudes?



The fact that men’s and women’s tastes are different in all aspects of life is a question of genetic nature. Ladies, for instance, like to dress in the best yoins dresses, royal Adrianna papell gowns bought from the best online shopping sites for women’s clothing.

Naturally, men’s taste differs massively; men usually keep things simpler. They can be satisfied with simple kz sunglasses, a gimos leather jacket and pacsun stacked skinny. This big difference in clothing tastes is not the only existing one.

However, there are points where ladies and men are on the same wavelength, as they, for instance, both show great interest in taking care of their physiques by opting for a weight loss plan, consuming low-fat protein foods plus choosing the best diet plan.

These might be simple details which might not hinder the building of a relationship for instance. Many couples met each other on free online dating sites.

Despite their differences regarding tastes and minor stuff like diets, they manage to take their relationships to the next level without needing any online marriage counseling. As far as the attraction question is concerned, recent studies reveal that women prefer dating or marrying bearded men.




  1. I have always LOVED bearded men! Growing up with nine brothers, I like manly men. My friend and I have an unspoken agreement, “I don’t cut my hair, he doesn’t shave his beard.” We’re both happy!

  2. My husband has had his beard99% of the time we’ve been married (38 years). It was sparse when we were dating but I like it especially when kept neat. My boys both have beards as well. Daddy had a mustache, but beards weren’t part of the military uniform!

  3. I was never attracted to a man with any kind of beard. Some men don’t know how to care for them so they look nasty. I like a clean shaven good smelling man. My husband and I were married for 59 years so you can see I am of the older generation. Don’t misunderstand, my grandchildren seem to go for this. Just not their grandmother.


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