This Is Why People Are Scared To Become Rich


This Is Why People Are Scared To Become Rich© Pinterest

Whether we like it or not, money is what controls our globe and it is the strongest tool that plays with our minds and feelings constantly.

It is true that without those green dollar bills we won’t be able to survive, literally, which is why there are people who dream to win the lottery or find million dollars randomly on the street. Financial freedom and being rich is a goal of countless people.

On the other hand, there are people who are scared to become rich. They believe that as long as they have enough money to eat, a place to live, and enough clothes to wear, then life is good! Have you ever wondered why?

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  1. Generalities and an excuse to play it small. Money magnifies who you are. If you are happy and positive money will magnify that. If you are secure within yourself you know you need to compete with no one. However if you are a miserable p.o.s. money will magnify that also.


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