This is Why Attractive People are the Most Successful in Life


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Science revealed that being successful has a lot to do with being attractive first! In fact, scientific studies suggest that life is a bit easier for attractive people. What’s more, conventionally attractive people have better social skills, get hired sooner, and get higher salaries than unattractive people.

It seems that the combination of talent, effort, and meeting the right people is not the secret to how to become successful! It’s rather being well-groomed, good-looking, or simply attractive! In psychology, it’s called beauty premium.

Basically, one of the most important success factors is how attractive a person is. (Life is beautiful indeed!)

#1 – Employers consider physically attractive people more competent

Employers are more likely to pay employees more money based on their physical appearance. During a 2005 study of the hiring process, future employers were asked to look at photographs of future employees and suggest a salary based on what they see, as a result, attractive people were given 10.5% higher salaries than unattractive people.

What’s more interesting is that when the hiring process is done through the phone, the rule of attractiveness still applies. Meaning, if you sound attractive, you’ll get the benefits of actually looking attractive.

#2 – Attractive employees are more confident and have higher incomes

When meeting someone new, we almost always let their appearance speak of their character. According to studies, we tend to think of attractive people as more socially skilled, smart, mentally healthy, intimately warm, and dominant than unattractive people.

Children who grow up to be attractive adults shall enjoy increased levels of confidence throughout their lives.

In a scientific paper called why beauty matters, scientists Rosenblat and Mobius state that teachers expect beautiful kids to perform better in school as well as they give more attention to students who have a seemingly brighter future.

This exact preferential treatment helps kids build good communication and social skills as well as confidence, which leads to academic and professional success later in life.

#3 – Attractive employees get higher wages when interacting with employers, thanks to their social skills

Attractive men and women have better communication skills than their unattractive counterparts. Researchers explain that being physically attractive increases communication and social skills, thus increasing your boss’s estimate of your productivity. Noting that the employer is not conscious of such biases.

Having great social skills is key to how to be successful in life. According to studies, raising your children’s social skills can get them better earnings than increasing their intellectual skills.

Science approves that beautiful people are more sociable than other regular people.

#4 – Attractive people have higher chances to be elected to public office

According to recent studies, beautiful candidates were more successful in the midterm elections of 2016. This clearly backs up the concept of a beauty premium where the level of attractiveness can influence so many aspects of success, even if it’s about electoral performance.

Another Finnish study revealed that attractive political candidates (both female and male) were more successful than their less attractive competitors. It seems that voters prefer the sight of a beautiful candidate.

#5 – Women who wear makeup look more trustworthy and competent

A 2011 study from Harvard found that women who wore makeup were described as more trustworthy, pretty, competent, and attractive than bare-faced women.

Researchers explain that when the viewer assumes a woman is competent, likable, and trustworthy only from looking at her image, it means that they are influenced not by the actual person but by the visible effect of makeup.

#6 – Attractive people get more callbacks for job interviews

During a study, Italian researchers sent over ten thousand copies of the same CV to potential employers, changing the name, address, and the photo to test the impact of beauty on call-back rates.

The results showed an average of 30 percent call back rate of all CVs, where attractive men received another call 47 percent of the time, while attractive women got called back 54 percent of the time!

#7 – Attractive women are one step ahead when negotiating with men

A study from Zhejiang University’s School of Management found that men tend to tolerate unfairness when negotiating (a hefty income for example) with attractive women.

In this Chinese study, researchers handed three hundred pictures of women to 21 men and asked them if they would agree to split a certain amount of money if offered by the women in the photos. The result was that men accepted unfair negotiation from attractive ladies.

#8 – Attractive CEOs get their companies better stock returns

In a study to test how strong is the link between shareholder value and the physical appearance of a company’s CEO, researchers from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee found that following good news about the company on Television, businesses with good-looking CEOs experienced higher stock prices.

#9 – Attractive teachers are actually better teachers

Good-looking educators in both grade schools and college can teach students better.

According to an 80’s study, around one hundred students reported they would learn more from an attractive teacher than a worse-looking one.

Another 2016-study also found that students were able to learn better when the teacher is beautiful.

#10 – Attractive girls get better grades

According to a 2015-study from Denver’s Metropolitan State University where more than 77,000 ID pictures of female students were analyzed based on volunteers’ ratings of how attractive the students were, most female students who were described as beautiful had higher grades.

#11 – Attractive people are seen as better romantic partners

In an attempt to study what are the essential or desirable traits a long-term partner should have, researchers at Chapman University found that 84 percent of women wanted their partner to be physically attractive, while 92 percent of men reported wanting a beautiful partner.

It seems that life is more beautiful or rather easier for attractive people! But let us not lose hope since the richest people in the world aren’t all attractive, or are they? Feel free to share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.



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