This Is How You Can Live Happily



Think of happiness as a precious diamond that you once had in hand, but it all of a sudden disappeared. This is how and why you end up looking forward to finding happiness again.

But how do you lose it? How can you retain it? It is quite difficult to identify a final recipe of how to be happy, but some logical thoughts are collectively classified under the umbrella of the Happier Method.

This is an entire school of thought that represents the best way to be happy. A woman named Nataly Kogan stepped forward to teach you about the art of happiness.

Her ways to be happy are quite different from what is mostly read about in positive attitude books which talk mostly about the happiness hypothesis. The Happier Method is supported by science.

In this school of thought, happiness is regarded as a skill based on three major principles to become happy and emotionally stable.

Firstly, being happy and paying heed to your emotional well-being are priorities and not luxuries. Many people are deceived by the nonsense that happiness is merely an extra, which it never is. Emotional well-being in general and happiness, in particular, are the foundation of life.

Secondly, in most of the stressful situations we encounter in life, we have been always taught and still recommended to turn the negative flow of emotions into a positive direction.

The right thing to do according to the Happier Method is dealing with each source of pain or spring of happiness as such. In other words, experience all human emotions. Over time, your self-esteem will increase, and you shall be able to deal with all emotions.

Finally, remember that emotions are not just defined as feelings but also as skills. This applies chiefly to happiness. Since the latter is considered as a skill, practice is what will make it perfect. But how can you have a healthy happy life?



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