Stop Feeling Guilty For You Are On The Right Path



Remember Pharell Williams song? The song Happy is not just the words that make you jump, also the smiley faces, full of life and void of regrets and guilt, that showed up in the video clip. Want to know something interesting?

It is guilt that makes the little white hairs conquer your black youthful hair. In fact, it is guilt which can kill you prematurely. At specific points in life, you would feel guilty.

Sometimes, it could be for something terrible you have done, and other times, for no apparent reason. The latter might make finding happiness again harder. According to Thea Gallagher, PsyD, several people feel guilty for letting themselves down.

As they do not level up to their high expectations, they tend to blame themselves through feeling guilty. This is an issue that many people who grow in an environment, forcing them to be perfect all the time and to act flawlessly.

The rules and standards that were imposed on them in their childhood stick with them as they grow old. Read the 10 ways and tips to stop feeling guilty for you are already gorgeous.




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