Here Is How To Decide Who You Are Now


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Life is too short to be spent on pointless regrets. Stand up to anything hurting you and start to enjoy your short life. It is not right to live the life of someone you are nothing like. Do yourself a favor and decide who you are now. Once you identify what you want, your message in life and what you are really here for, you will live a quiet and satisfactory life. Overcome the past which you can’t do anything about. Think of the future which you can do a lot about.

There are moments where you take the wrong decisions, but you realize they are so, but only after it is too late. It is okay then. What happened is a part of the past. Don’t dramatize the situation and try to stay away as much as you can from those who keep reminding you of what happened. In fact, try to quit that environment that marked the most terrible events of your past. There is always a white, blank page at the end of your life journal. Fill it with YOURSELF. Never wait for others to step in and choose who you are or who you will be. For more precious lessons, swipe to next.




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