Here Are The 30 Habits That Will Make You Smarter


4Tackle a crossword


It doesn’t matter if you enjoy doing the crossword of the New York Times or People, as long as you are doing word puzzles, your mind will stay sharp.

The International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry published a study in 2018 that discovered adult people (between 50 and 93) who did word puzzles regularly can perform 40 measures of cognitive fitness better than those who rarely or never did.

5Number problems


Not all of us are big fans of numbers and mathematics, but it is important to solve number puzzles every day to keep your mind sharp. A study of 2019 discovered that those over 50 who did number puzzles once every day have a better cognitive performance than those who don’t.

I guess it is time you download Sudoku to your smartphone…

6Nap when you need to!


Did you think naps can be a part of the things you should do to be smarter? Well, you better take advantage of it. A study published in the journal Sleep says that older adults have better memory and more logical reasoning as a result of taking daytime naps.



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