Here Are 7 Destructive Habits You Must Get Rid Of Now



Definitely, you don’t need someone to remind you of the fact that life is SHORT, do you? Well, frankly speaking, some people need to be reminded from time to time that life is indeed short. Accordingly, they need to take a big step toward a better life stage.

Small things that happen daily and which you gloss over can trigger a big difference in your life by either their presence or absence.

Most people spend half of their lives doing the wrong things and living the wrong life, but what matters is they eventually realized that they are in the wrong shoes, so they switched sides and lived happily.

We know that saying such things is easier than actually doing them, but nothing is impossible. Given the shortness of life, it is petty to waste it due to improper choices and decisions.

If you want to take action now and initiate a change, then start with your habits! Assess them, classify them, select them, and adhere to the healthy ones. Accordingly, get rid of the following toxic habits!

#1 – Over use of the internet

If you are to analyze the amount of focus and attention technology steals from us, you would be astonished. People have become now puppets of top electronics, slaves of new tech gadgets, and servants of the evil side of information technology.

Half of these people’s lives are wasted on sticking to the screens of their modern gadgets; the newest models of Samsung Galaxy and latest versions Apple laptops. The WWW addiction is now serious more than it ever was because people invest most of their time surfing the net.

The negative uses of the internet are the ones that take the time you should spend with your beloved ones. It is hard to tell how many people use the internet badly, but the figures are surely high.

#2 – Checking the phone

The new tech is not the party to blame in the new reality scenario of phone addiction. Smartphones produced by techno giants such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, and others are just brainless tools. The ultimate controller of these devices’ use is humans.

Nowadays, it has been noticed that people cannot stick to real-life discussions for 10 minutes without having that tricky need to check text messages, check Facebook messages, or check Instagram messages. This happens a lot; probably, you are thinking now ‘maybe, I should check my email messages’, right?

Most of the time, the addiction to the use of social media apps ( like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Viber, Snapchat; etc) is the leading feature of cell-phone addiction.

Additionally, the time you waste daily scrolling up and down those social media platforms could be invested in something good and better like learning something new.

#3 – Turning on a great number of notifications

Do you ever check your phone to just take a look at the lined up notifications on your social media pages? Don’t be ashamed to say yes because many people do anyway.

Several studies shed the light on the fact that the more you are attached to checking your mobile phone’s notifications, the less productive you become. You would probably say ‘well, it could be something important’; you may be right as you may be wrong.

You can check the urgent notifications once or twice a day, but doing that for all day long is a waste of precious time. Don’t let the phone control you because you are the BOSS!

#4 – Pronouncing a ‘yes’ but meaning a ‘no’

Alright, let us make this clear; you are free to do and say whatever you want under the condition of not harming anyone in any way, so far so clear? If the answer is yes, then why would you for God sake say ‘yes’ to something while you deeply mean a ‘no’ deep down?

This is not an issue of the negative impact of social media; it is a question of your negative impact on yourself. You cannot deny the fact that you go through a struggle when you say yes and mean no.

Science shows that you experience more stress and anxiety in this case. We do understand that ‘yes’ is a short yet heavy word, but you should say it more often to save yourself from an unnecessary self-torture.

#5 – Being surrounded by toxic folks

Think of this properly: do you really have the time to waste on being with toxic people? Besides, do you really need a lecture on toxic people traits or signs of toxic people? These are obvious things you don’t need to be lectured about.

However, we have to try to wake you up from time to time. Different types of toxic people do indeed exist; they are usually fake, hypocrite, zero-principle based, unethical and pessimistic folks.

Talking to one of them make you feel that you have just a had a snake sting. Don’t overthink about how to deal with toxic people. Getting rid of toxic people is done by simply pushing them away and blocking them from your life.

#6 – Do a lot of multitasking

We mostly think that multitasking is a positive thing, don’t we? Well, this is a fact taken for granted by almost everybody. Check your task list or task manager app, how many tasks do you have to accomplish per day, and how many others you have to perform simultaneously?

If the answer is A LOT, then your health is at stake! You could perform two tasks at once, but if there are a lot more than this, you will feel chronically stressed all the time.

This surely becomes a more serious health issue. Think of things practically, give each task accomplishment a specific timing, manage your time, and act smartly.

#7 – Gossiping

Instead of backbiting, gossiping and criticizing others, look at yourself first (both literally and metaphorically). You have absolutely no right to judge others and talk behind their backs for who they are.

Many people treat their lives like some episode of Gossip Girl series or a celebrity gossip reality show, but come on! How many days and years you have left to live in peace before you kick the bucket?

We may not be aware of the exact answer to this question, but we know for sure that you should spend more time trying to optimize your life. Nobody appointed you as other people’s lives correspondent for CNN or BBC news! In simple terms, mind your business and live in peace.

Life is short, so pick your role now: do you want to be a goal-achiever or a time-waster?



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