A Glimpse On What Ladies Like The Most But Will Never Tell


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Honestly speaking, it is pretty hard to understand women. Their answers and requests should be reversed before taking them into consideration. Sometimes, they may say ‘yes’ to a certain thing while they mean ‘no’. You might go crazy if you ever try to study and examine female psychology.

Even specialized psychologists would describe it as a maze where everything is turned upside down. The word constant or stagnant is not a very frequent word in the dictionary of ladies. Their mood fluctuates all the time based on certain factors.

They may seem a bit contradictory at times, but this surely has got an inner, deep explanation that men, in particular, will never be capable of understanding. One peculiar and particular thing about women is that they may like things, but will never admit they do for some reason.

Men, on the other side, usually complain about failing to understand the needs and demands of their wives, so they end up resorting to online marriage counseling.

Even though they go through the sessions, things do not get better because understanding the psychology of women is like sailing without a ship. Let us discover what are the 9 things ladies like but will never tell you about.




  1. Knowing these simple things will make a man attractive live to women. I am 78 and luckily learned these things at an early age. My present partner is 50 and we have b been together for 17 years. I hope lots of younger guys read this and they will never want fo a good looking woman.


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