10 Effective Ways To Calm Your Nerves


3Separate fact from fiction

Separate fact from fiction©Dreamstime.com

We can’t deny that most of our anxieties and stress come from our imagination and its powerful ability to create worst-case scenarios. So in order to control that overwhelming feeling, we have got to separate those thoughts from the real source of stress.

For example, if your boss wants to talk to you, then just focus on that meeting without the need to jump into conclusions and imagining yourself getting fired. Eliminate your expectations so your body will not be carried away by anxiety.

4Repeat a mantra

Repeat a mantra©FreeImages.com

Life is full of ups and downs, and when it is really down, it is hard to pull yourself together and just “snap” out of it. The best solution for these difficult moments is to have a rescue plan by choosing a couple of positives phrases that help you calm down, write them in a paper, and keep them in your wallet or any accessible place.

In case of emergency, just bring them out and read them to yourself out loud. Here is an example of what you can write: “I am focusing on my breathing in order to relax and remain calm”.




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