10 Common Things That Are Not Really Worth It In Life, At All!


1Being serious constantly

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For whatever reason, people tend to take many things so seriously all the time for a reason no one really understands, which leads them to kill the mood for everybody else.

It is okay to let go sometimes and act childish when you are not dealing in a professional situation. So what if you danced in the rain, laughed at stupid jokes, and fooled around? There is a little child inside who deserves to have fun.

Yes, you are an adult, but being an adult never means to always wear suits and give people half a smile.

2Living accordingly to other people’s expectations

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Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing someone living a life that others have chosen for them. It could be your parents, partners, or your surroundings that have made you go through a path you don’t really want to follow… Have you ever seen an unhappy person living a happy life?

You definitely have because, to them, that’s what living happy means and looks like, even if that means they would be unhappy.

We tend to value the people opinions about us too much and we value their expectations of us as well, forgetting that those people have and are crafting their own life the way they want to, while we are wasting ours.

If what makes you happy is not something your parents would approve, then it is time to accept the fact that it is your life, not theirs!




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