The 9 Types Of People Who Will Never Make It At Work



If you still believe that success in the workplace can be only determined and achieved by these two essential factors, namely, knowledge and experience, then you are very wrong!

In fact, both of these factors are rapidly losing their relevance to success and many studies proved this by revealing interesting facts about success and exposed that higher socials skills and self-awareness are indeed responsible for almost 58% of people’s job performance and are massive detriments to their careers.

Unfortunately, those who lack these two important factors tend to stand out like zebras in a field full of horses. Eventually, they never make it at work despite their rich experiences, knowledge, and high intelligence.

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  1. Although social intelligence is an important factor, knowledge and ability to actually do your job reigns supreme in the work environment. To read articles like this just make me roll my eyes as to the idiocy given here. We, as employees must get along with each other as well as the ultimate customers; but not knowing what you are doing or having the perceptive skills to apply knowledge to resolve problems makes those pointed out in this article the actual zebras which can not function or maneuver in the professional world.
    Sorry, but have to call BS on this article as a 180 degree way to get ousted from a job. Afterall who needs to know how to do anything… You only need to be socially adept and all will work out, right? (eyes rolling here)..

  2. Bottom kissing the right person’s a$$ has advanced more people then anything else on earth and if you work for the government it seems none of these factors are needed.

  3. While I’m sure missing some of these Social Skills will ruin a career. Especially if you’re lacking two or more. But the word “never” is a difficult and wrong term to use. We’ve seen several of these types of people who lacked five of the six skills but was so adept at the one skill they knew it overshadowed the lack of knowledge in the others. Donald Trump and Barack Obama both come to mind. Trumps is a little louder but no more arrogant or self-righteous as Obama. Both of these men exhibit barely even one skill but that skill is charisma. With Charisma, you can BS your way through all others without being caught.

  4. It all depends on how you are seen compared to others aswell. How you might stand out in the crowd be it school/c college achievements,skills , a smart clean pair of shoes, voice, or a happy disposition at work. All this kind of stuff gets us noticed but doesn’t necessarily earn all people’s respect. How we were seen at school by our teachers or schoolmates i.e. The bully, pet, poor or rich kid sometimes haunts us for life especially if there was a criminal record and no doubt can affect us when we try to pursue a career or start a family. One day you can be commuting to work by car or Southern, do a day’s data input, cleaning, grafting, to make sure you’ve paid your water bill and community tax, i.e earn a wage , shove something quick in the oven for yours and your mum’s tea, then the next minute a pair of men have forced themselves into your lounge or bedroom, or shoved you in the back of a police can handcuffed because you haven t been doing what you suppose to be doing in your mid 40s, i.e still not bred and spending cash on stupid self improvement courses instead of taking kids to the park. Sometimes life is crap and paid work isn’t always the key to success wherever you live.


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