8 Best Ways to Stay Safe From Criminals on The Street


1 Walking Fast


Walking fast draws the attention of everyone on the street, not just criminals. It could be considered a sign of nervousness and anxiety. Moreover, it shows that you are worried about something and not really conscious of your surroundings.

It is this kind of distraction that criminals prefer; a thief may bump into you or walk beside you and steal stuff from your pocket without you even being aware of it. That’s why it is recommended to walk at an average pace; or if you are in a hurry, don’t walk at a speed that can draw attention to you or make you bump into people.

2 Stride length


Another case in which you can be vulnerable to attacks is when you are limping. Limp is usually a sign of weakness, it means that you cannot walk fast enough to escape the criminal, and that you are walking slow enough for them to catch you.

There are even cases when people try to be careful and watch out from attacks that they end up drawing attention to themselves. Therefore, the criminals know that they are too stressed for self-defense, and thus think they are an easy target to control.



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