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We have started our loving journey with our shared endeavor to help women and men have more meaningful, healthier relationships. Looking back at the short yet remarkable distance we’ve already walked together, even we are a bit surprised and also very proud.

Actually, we all are social creatures that crave connection both on the biological and emotional levels, and here at Our Life in Brief, we believe that the most important thing in life is what’s going on inside our readers’ minds and hearts.

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  • At first, when we started out making Our Life in Brief, there weren’t many of us. But now we’re part of a quite larger talented team. Founders, managers, editors, contributing writers, and developers, we are working hard to coordinate our efforts and produce articles our readers can rely on to feel more confident and filled with inspiration to keep moving forward.

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  • Every member of our team has one common overriding goal to achieve perfection in our work. This means that each article we write has to go through multiple stages of preparation until we’re confident about its perfect quality. We are only satisfied with the best and we always work in collaboration with mental health experts, relationship experts, and thought leaders to offer you the most interesting and uplifting content it can be. Not good, nor good enough, we only accept the best! We don’t do this for likes, but for moments of inspiration, self-love, and emotional stability for all our beloved readers around the world.


We Share One Responsibility. We always check to make sure our sources are respectable and reliable. Every article we write is made with plenty of attention, care, and above all, love. We share with you a collection of thoughtful opinions, brilliant perspectives, approachable expert advice, and we don’t forget about lots of fun too, these all come in the form of shareable lists that can help you build healthier, stronger, and happier relationships with every person you’re somehow connected to, including yourself, spouse, date, friends, children, family, etc. In the heart of the matter, it’s all about sincerely reaching for and touching your heart to inspire it, reinforce it, or heal its bleeding scars.

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We have built this powerful platform with one thing in mind; The Heart! We care about your running thoughts and wild emotions. Based on these, we bring to light issues you may think, feel, or care about, and we focus on helping you feel less blue and more confident, especially when it comes to the things we find not so easy to talk about.

Just think what it feels like when you find a whole article or even many articles explaining and suggesting useful tips on that one thing that kept you up all night thinking and “heart-aching”.

We’d like to think we would be the most optimistic and confident population in the world because we help each other shine brighter.

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Love is Our Guide. Love is what connects us most as humans. We fall in love with total strangers, we love our parents, our kids, and even our dogs and cats. We love beauty, festivity, and creativity. We love reading other people’s heart-warming, funny, or even sad stories. This only means that we want to embrace all the bad things in our lives with positivity and avoid falling into that infinite dark hole of despair.

We’d like to be your daily reminder that there is kindness and love all around your and also deep into your amazing self. And we can always live better together, if not, we learn to let go in the kindest of ways.

Above all else, we at Our Life in Brief love to share and give positive emotions, inspirational thoughts, and practical advice, aspiring to always get back from you.

Thank you for being with us!